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Week in deals, Jan. 28, 2008


PeptImmune Inc.

Cambridge, Mass.

Amount/Round: $8.2M/D

Investors: New Enterprise Associates, MPM Capital, Hunt Ventures, Boston Medical Ventures, Silicon Valley Bank Capital.

Details: Develops drugs focused on chronic autoimmune and inflammatory disorders. The company had previously raised about $66M in VC funding since its 2003 spinout from Genzyme, with other investors including Prism VentureWorks, Vanguard Ventures and Itochu Corp.


Impinj Inc.


Amount/Round: $14M/F

Investors: Inventec Appliances Corp., LS Industrial Systems Co., Samsung Ventures America, YFY Group.

Details: Provides semiconductor and RFID technology. The company previously raised more than $105M from AllianceBernstein, ARCH Venture Partners, GF Private Equity Group, Madrona Venture Group, Mobius Venture Capital, Polaris Venture Partners, Unilever Technology Ventures, UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund, VentureTech Alliance and the Viterbi Group.

Nanochip Inc.

Fremont, Calif.

Amount/Round: $14M/C

Investors: Intel Capital, JK&B Capital, New Enterprise Associates and AKN Technology of Malaysia

Details: Makes MEMS storage chips for consumer electronic applications.


NanoGram Corp.

Milpitas, Calif.

Amount/Round: $32M/NA

Investors: ATA Ventures, Bay Partners, Harris & Harris, Institutional Venture Partners, Nth Power, Rockport Capital Partners, SBV Venture Partners, Technology Partners, Global Cleantech Capital, Masdar Clean Tech Fund, Mitsui Ventures, Nagase & Co., Nanostart AG, TEL Venture Capital, Yasuda Enterprise Development.

Details: Develops manufacturing technology to improve the efficiency of silicon solar cells. The company has now raised $50M since January 2006.


Anagran Inc.

Redwood City, Calif.

Amount/Round: $12M/C

Investors: Advanced Technology Ventures, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, ArrowPath Venture Capital.

Details: Develops high-capacity flow management routers.


Slide Inc.

San Francisco

Amount/Round: $50M/NA

Investors: Fidelity Investments, T. Rowe Price.

Details: Makes widgets for social networking sites, such as Facebook. The funding reportedly has a PMV of between $500M and $550M. Past investors include Mayfield, Khosla Ventures, BlueRun Ventures and The Founders Fund.

Zynga Game Network

San Francisco

Amount/Round: $10M/A

Investors: Union Square Ventures.

Details: Develops online casual games designed for play on social networking sites.



Wakefield, Mass.

Amount/Round: $1M/A

Investors: CommonAngels, Massachusetts Technology Development Corp.

Details: Provides communications management systems and fund-raising programs for K-12 school districts.



Bellevue, Wash.

Amount/Round: $2.75M/A

Investors: HouseValues (Nasdaq: SOLD).

Details: Operates a social networking site for real estate professionals.

Automattic Inc.

San Francisco

Amount/Round: $30M/B

Investors: The New York Times Co. (led), Polaris Venture Partners, Radar Ventures, True Ventures.

Details: Develops blog technology, such as the WordPress platform.

Broadband Enterprises

New York

Amount/Round: $10M/NA

Investors: Velocity Investment Group.

Details: Operates an online video network. Jonathan Miller, partner of Velocity, has joined the board.


Redwood Shores, Calif.

Amount/Round: $8M/B

Investors: Benchmark Capital.

Details: Develops Web community toolbars. Michael Eisenberg, general partner of Benchmark, sits on the company’s board.

Grancius Inc.

San Francisco

Amount/Round: $10M/A

Investors: JMI Equity.

Details: Provides government webcasting and public meeting management services.

The Jellyvision Lab Inc.


Amount/Round: $5M/B

Investors: Sigma Partners.

Details: Develops interactive technologies for websites to reach customers. The company was founded by Harry Gottlieb, maker of the You Don’t Know Jack video games. Greg Gretsch of Sigma has joined the board.


San Francisco

Amount/Round: $20M/B

Investors: The Founders Fund, Polaris Venture Partners.

Details: Provides Internet market research. Ken Howery of Founders Fund and Mike Hirshland of Polaris have joined the board.




Amount/Round: $6.5M/B

Investors: TVC Capital led (led), Madrona Venture Group, Hillman Co.

Details: Develops online marketing technology. The company has now raised more than $13M in funding since 2005. Steve Hamerslag, managing partner of TVC, has joined the board.


Amount/Round: $4.6M/A

Investors: Celtic House Venture Partners, EdgeStone Capital Partners, Tech Capital Partners.

Details: Develops online video advertising technology.

ProQuo Inc.

La Jolla, Calif.

Amount/Round: $8M/A

Investors: Mission Ventures (led), Draper Fisher Jurvetson.

Details: Allows consumers to manage how businesses use their personal information to market to them and reduce paper junk mail. Leo Spiegel, a managing partner for Mission Ventures, has joined the board.


Ascension Orthopedics Inc.

Austin, Texas

Amount/Round: $21M/D

Investors: Frazier Healthcare Ventures.

Details: Develops joint replacement, trauma and tissue regeneration surgical implants. Alan Frazier, general partner and founder of Frazier, will join General Partner Trevor Moody and Venture Partner Steven Tallman on the company’s board.

Confirma Inc.

Bellevue, Wash.

Amount/Round: $17.5M/C

Investors: Telegraph Hill Partners (led), Fluke Venture Partners, Northwest Venture Associates, Prism Ventureworks, Versant Ventures.

Details: Develops computer-aided detection systems for medical imaging. The company has now raised more than $36M since 1998.

North American Scientific (Nasdaq: NASI)

Chatsworth, Calif.

Amount/Round: $15.5M/PIPE

Investors: Three Arch Partners, CHL Medical Ventures, SF Capital Partners.

Details: Develops products for radiation therapy treatment. Three Arch Partners bought $10M of the securities.

Point Biomedical Corp.

San Carlos, Calif.

Amount/Round: $57M/A

Investors: Vedanta Capital (led), William Blair Capital Partners, De Novo Ventures, Institutional Venture Partners, Saints Capital, Sprout Group, CHL Medical Partners.

Details: Develops medical imaging and drug delivery solutions. The funding is a Series A recap that is is tranched out, with the first $25 million already called down. The company previously raised more than $100M.

Primera Biosystems Inc.

Mansfield, Mass.

Amount/Round: $21M/B

Investors: Abingworth Management (led), Interwest Partners, Malaysian Technology Development Corp., MPM Capital, Burrill & Co., Invus Group.

Details: Develops molecular technology for use in research and diagnostic laboratories. The company has now raised about $35M in funding since March 2005.

Ulthera Inc.

Mesa, Ariz.

Amount/Round: $22.5M/B

Investors: New Enterprise Associates (led), 3i Group.

Details: Develops a therapeutic ultrasound device for use in cosmetic procedures. The company raised $5.5M in December 2005 from 3i and HarbourVest Partners.


Silver Peak Systems Inc.

Santa Clara, Calif.

Amount/Round: $21M/D

Investors: Artis Capital Management, Benchmark Capital, Duff Ackerman & Goodrich, Greylock Partners, J& W Seligman & Co., Pinnacle Ventures.

Details: Develops wide-area network acceleration products. The company has now raised $63M in funding. Its previous infusion was a $17M Series C round in January 2007.



Tempe, Ariz.

Amount/Round: $25M/C

Investors: Goldman Sachs (led), Bessemer Venture Partners, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

Details: Provides online identity theft prevention solutions. CEO Todd Davis said that the funding was at a PMV of a little less than $230M.


Baton Rouge, La.

Amount/Round: $8M/C

Investors: NA

Details: Develops security compliance and risk management solutions.


Adaptive Planning Inc.

Mountain View, Calif.

Amount/Round: $10M/D

Investors: RBC Venture Partners, Cardinal Venture Capital, Monitor Ventures, Onset Ventures.

Details: Develops collaborative business performance management software. The company has raised about $28M since March 2005.

Covario Inc.

San Diego

Amount/Round: $16M/B

Investors: FTVentures (led), Dubilier & Co., Voyager Capital.

Details: Develops search marketing automation (SMA) software. The company, f.k.a. as SEMDirector Inc., raised a $6M Series A round in February 2007.

Fat Spaniel Technologies

San Jose, Calif.

Amount/Round: $18M/B

Investors: Ignition Partners (led), Pacific Corporate Group, Applied Ventures, Element Partners, Chrysalix Energy.

Details: Develops software that monitors renewable energy systems.

RiverGlass Inc.

Champaign, Ill.

Amount/Round: $2.4M/NA

Investors: RPM Ventures, Illinois Ventures, Country Insurance & Financial Services.

Details: Develops software for real-time text and data analytics technologies. The company has now raised more than $8M in four rounds of funding since December 2004.

Zenoss Inc.

Annapolis, Md.

Amount/Round: $11M/B

Investors: Grotech Capital (led), Intersouth Partners, Boulder Ventures, Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development.

Details: Develops commercial open source network and systems management software. The company previously raised $5M in August 2006.


Metaweb Technologies Inc.

San Francisco

Amount/Round: $42.5M/B

Investors: Goldman Sachs (led), DAG Ventures, Benchmark Capital, Omidyar Network, Millennium Technology Ventures.

Details: Develops Freebase, an expansive online database. The company raised a $15M Series A round in March 2006.


Earth Class Mail Corp.


Amount/Round: $13.3M/A

Investors: Ignition Partners.

Details: Operates as a virtual post office company, transferring regular mail to a digital mail interface. The company previously raised $3.25M in seed funding from the Alliance of Angels, Keiretsu Forum and other individual investors.


Fifth Generation Systems Inc.

Roslyn, N.Y.

Amount/Round: $5.3M/B

Investors: Persistency Capital, Gund Investment, Bergstein and individual investors Irwin Lieber and Barry Rubenstein of Wheatley Partners.

Details: Develops Multiprocessor Servers (MP Servers) and speech recognition servers, utilizing multiprocessor designs and speech recognition technology, for use by telephone companies in such applications as directory assistance.


Airbiquity Inc.


Amount/Round: $25M/E

Investors: Ignition Partners, Acorn Ventures, Kirnaf LTD, Shell Internet Ventures.

Details:Provides wireless data communications solutions for product suppliers and service providers in the M2M and telematics industries. The company previously raised about $52M between 1999 and 2001.


San Mateo, Calif.

Amount/Round: $3.5M/A

Investors: Individual investors, including Aeris Capital CEO Uwe Feuersenger.

Details: Provides mobile advertising technology.