2006 Data: Leveraged Buyouts

My colleagues at Buyouts Magazineare putting the finishing touches ontheir latest issue, which will include avastsmorgasbordof 2006 data and analysis. In the meantime, they’ve sent over a few tasty nuggets.

First up is disclosed LBO deal volume, which comes in at $314.78 billion for 316 transactions (including leverage). There also were 691 deals with undisclosed values (both sets of figures only include closed deals with at least one U.S.-based equity sponsor). For comparison, there were 392 buyouts with disclosed values in 2005 — of a total of 852 –for a total of $199.59 billion.

Moving on to fund-raising, 334 U.S.-based LBO and mezzaninefirms raised around $197.56 billion, which is up slightly fromthe $183.8 billion raisedin 2005.

Here’s a chart that breaks down 2006 LBO deals by size: Closed-Deal Breakdown.xls. Here’s one for fundraising: Book2.xls

Buyouts Magazine subscribers can read much more on the www.BuyoutsNews.com website later this week, or in next Monday’s print edition.