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The system made almost half a billion dollars in private equity commitments in Q4.
The system's staff is in the process of formulating whether to take action on secondaries sale and/or co-investment initiative.
The $23.9 billion pension joins several other major LPs as investors in Clearlake's sixth fund.
IMCO is one of Canada’s newest institutional investors, created in 2016 to help public sector funds scale and gain access to private-market investments.
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The system also committed $30 million to a private credit fund from Shamrock Capital Advisors.
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The system's private equity allocation sits at 13.9 percent, slightly below its 14 percent target.
The system's third-quarter PE commitments lag behind the previous quarter's
The $58 billion pension fund committed to funds from Wynnchurch, Revelstoke, and MBK partners among others as 2019 closed out.
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State Treasurer Shawn Wooden said that the commitments were in line with Connecticut's pacing plan
Venture is a tricky asset class. When you do well, you do really well, but a few bad investments can seriously hurt you in the long term. Two West Coast pensions discussed venture at their recent meetings in ways that illustrate this. Take Los Angeles City Employees Retirement System, based on a report from TorreyCove, […]

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