Staff says added flexibility will help fund find more opportunities.
Connecticut’s Investment Advisory Council reviewed Mozaic at its April meeting as the finalist for the job.
Insurers and other industry insiders say the SEC’s proposed indemnification rule, combined with other potential regulations outlined in the agency’s February announcement, will impact this corner of the industry.
Through the platform, New Jersey will invest in SMAs that will each have a target of $250m, which will then be allocated between 10 to 25 underlying private equity funds.
Differences between LPs start to emerge on tightened rules.
Washington State Investment Board, private equity, pension fund
Secondaries pricing has become uncertain with inflation, supply chain disruptions, geopolitical turmoil and rising interest rates causing public market volatility since the beginning of the year.
Many pension funds are increasing PE stakes as annual returns remain strong.
1996 State Law Requires Fund to Eliminate Unfunded Liabilities by 2028
The portfolio sale, relatively small compared to the $1bn-plus transactions that hit the market since last year, is expected to get a lot of looks.
Elimination of preferred treatment could even the playing field but have other consequences.

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