3i invests euro1.5 m in Wificom Technologies

Investee company

Wificom Technologies Oy (Finland)

Investee company business type

Provider of broadband Internet service management software

Type of financing


Equity providers

3i Group

Equity leader (individual)

Kimmo Korpela, investment manager, 3i

Debt provider


Debt type


Debt leader (individual)


Equity amount

Euro1.5 million

Total deal value

Euro1.5 million

Other advisors


Comments – Wificom Technologies, a pan-European wireless broadband software provider, has received a euro1.5 million investment from 3i.

Wificom Technologies, based in Helsinki, supplies unique software technology to companies providing broadband Internet services. Wificom’s products offer a complete solution for billing, authentication, roaming, pricing, content management and network management of broadband Internet services, enabling service providers to quickly and cost effectively roll-out and manage WLAN and other broadband services.

The investment by 3i will be used to strengthen Wificom’s position within Europe as a leading broadband Internet service software provider.

“We are very happy about this investment, since 3i is the best financing partner that you could imagine”, comments Mikko Riepula, managing director, Wificom. “3i’s extensive global network helps us to build critical global business relationships and strategic alliances with large industry leaders. This investment, together with the recent merger with Micsom, puts us in a great position to exploit the unique opportunity on the wireless broadband market today.”

Kimmo Korpela, investment manager 3i, says: “WLAN is a hot field with great opportunities but still to some extent undefined business models. Wificom has a deep understanding of this complex and changing market as well as the managerial and technical skills and experience to exploit it. We strongly believe that this team and technology backed by 3i is a winning combination.”