Abbott Capital Raising Its 2013 Vehicle

Firm: Abbott Capital Management

Fund: Abbott Capital Private Equity Investors 2013 LP

Target: Unknown

Abbott Capital’s annual funds, which are denoted by the year in which they are raised, typically range in size from $85 million to $150 million, and allow investors who wish to pledge money on a yearly basis to do so. The firm’s 2012 fund, for instance, raised $91 million, according to Thomson One.

Mona Marquardt, a principal at the firm, said most of Abbott Capital’s funds of funds are typically diversified across a wide variety of private equity sectors, strategies and geographies. Some investors prefer investing on a yearly basis as opposed to waiting for the firm’s larger vehicles, which appear every few years, she said.

Abbott Capital is known to be raising its latest large-size vehicle, Abbott Capital Private Equity VII LP, which has a $1 billion target. The firm’s previous large fund of funds, the 2008-vintage Fund VI, raised just over $1 billion.

The firm, which has more than $7 billion under management, was founded in 1986.

Abbott Capital’s investors have included the New York State Teachers Retirement System, the Orange County (Calif.) Retirement System, and the Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund, according to Thomson One.