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ABN AMRO backs Score Groupe

ABN AMRO Capital made its fourth investment in France this year, with the acquisition of a 52% stake in outsourced restaurant chain Score Groupe via a €100m MBO.

Active around Paris and in the West, South West and South of France, Score sought a financial partner to integrate its existing network and to facilitate expansion in the North and East of the country. It has a portfolio of over 360 restaurants and project turnover of €120m for this year.

Founding management comprising Jean-Marie Paul, Dominique de Villelongue and Dominique Paul-Mercier will hold 44% of the newly structured company. Board directors hold a further 4%.

Patrice Verrier and Florent Rey of ABN AMRO Capital will both have seats on the company’s steering committee, alongside Jean-Marie Paul and Dominique de Villelongue, president of the board.