Amadeus and Imperial join forces for new energy project

Amadeus Capital Partners and Imperial College London have teamed up in the first Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between a VC and a university. The £250,000 project is being funded by the UK’s Department of Trade & Industry (DTI), and will focus on researching and commercialising new energy and environmental technologies emerging in the UK.

Anne Glover, CEO of Amadeus, said: “Amadeus has had a close relationship with Imperial for many years. We are delighted to be joining them in this project, with the DTI’s support, to identify the commercially viable technologies being developed in the UK that will address some of problems of declining and expensive non-renewable energy resources. This is a growth area for the venture industry and one that will, in the next ten years, be on the agendas of all businesses everywhere.”

Imperial’s contribution to the scheme will come through its Energy Futures Laboratory, which specialises in such technologies as carbon capture, fossil fuel engineering, fuel cells and renewable energy resources.

The project is looking for a graduate to work at Imperial College and Amadeus and to participate in the Kauffman Fellows Programme, the US-based training programme for venture capitalists. It will be a two-year associate-level position, mentored by university academics and a senior partner at Amadeus. The assignment will include analysing UK energy market opportunities within a global context, contributing to energy-related MSc teaching at Imperial and helping supervise junior research staff working on related topics. For more details, please go to