Apax Partners

Apax Partners is a leading global private equity investment firm dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build world class companies. The firm has a strong track record of working with entrepreneurs from start up to leveraged transactions of over E1 billion. Since 1995, 46 Apax companies went public on stock markets around the world.

At point of entry to market these companies had a collective market capitalisation of over E23 billion.

Apax Partners currently has E12 billion under management or advice around the world with 330 companies in its portfolio. The firm’s 180 investment professionals operate from 12 offices in nine countries. In Japan the firm operates as Apax Globis.

Our approach

Apax Partners’ view of companies and industries is worldwide. In the course of three decades, there have been a number of changes in entrepreneurial opportunities and in the entrepreneurial climate. Apax Partners’ experience confirms that the personality, vision and drive of the entrepreneur are the keys to achieving success and that successful entrepreneurs the world over exhibit many of the same characteristics.

Apax Partners purpose is to identify such people at an early stage and to help them achieve their aspirations by exploiting the unique ability of Apax Partners to see and seize opportunities, to get things done and to move companies forward with resources and skill.

The teamApax Partners’ investment professionals around the world have many years of experience including market conditions, the challenges facing entrepreneurs, and the factors critical to world class entrepreneurial success. This experience, together with deep sector knowledge and a shared global vision, enables the teams to invest ahead of the curve.


The London, Paris and Chicago operations of MMG were co-founded in 1972 by Sir Ronald Cohen and Maurice Tchenio to provide international corporate finance advice and to invest

in high growth businesses. Separately, Alan Patricof launched Alan Patricof Associates in the US in 1969. Five years later, in 1977, the three founders joined forces. Together with the partners who have joined the firm over the years they have taken a pioneering role in venture capital, first in the US and then in the UK and in Continental Europe and most recently in Israel and Japan.

Part of the philosophy of the firm is to actively engage in shaping the international venture capital industry. Several firm members have become leading figures in the international private equity industry and several have been closely associated with its development. Sir Ronald Cohen was chairman of the British Venture Capital Association in 1985 and a founder director both of the European Venture Capital Association (EVCA) and the Quoted Companies Alliance (formerly CISCO). He was founder of EASDAQ and is now a director of Nasdaq Europe. Adrian Beecroft and Clive Sherling are both past chairmen of the British Venture Capital Association. Maurice Tchenio was a founder and vice chairman of France’s Venture Capital Association (AFIC) and a director of the European Venture Capital Association. Patrick de Giovanni is a director of the French Venture Capital Association

(AFIC ). Alan Patricof was appointed by President Clinton as chairman of the White House Conference on Small Business. In 1995, he served as chairman

of the White House Conference on Small Business Commission. He also has served as a member of the Blue Ribbon Commission of the National Association of Corporate Directors and the Capital Formation Subcommittee of the Competitiveness Policy Council. Max Burger-Calderon is a former vice president of the Swiss Venture Capital Association, and in June 2002 his chairmanship of EVCA will commence.