Benchmark Taps Entrepreneur in Residence

Two years after leaving Silicon Valley to become an executive at Microsoft Corp., Karl Jacob has returned, beginning his duties earlier this month as an entrepreneur in residence at Benchmark Capital.

Jacob was the founder and chief executive of Dimension X, an Internet software and consulting company that was sold to Microsoft in 1997. Jacob said he had no plans of leaving the software company before he was approached by Benchmark.

“I was having a great time at Microsoft building a whole new business unit for them,” he said. “I got to learn how they run their business.”

Prior to founding Dimension X, Jacob was a manager at Sun Microsystems. Jacob said for his next venture, he is exploring companies involved in “whatever happens after e-commerce”.

“I am not looking to pursue the particular kinds of things I have done before,” he said. “At Benchmark I am seeing all the deals the partners are seeing, which removes a lot of time spent haggling.”

Former Benchmark resident Eric Greenberg founded Scient a few months after joining the program. Jacob said the venture capital industry is moving at a “bullet-time” pace compared to when he was forming Dimension X in 1994.

“The concept of Internet time is dead,” he said. “Like in (the motion picture) The Matrix, things are moving so fast it looks like bullets are moving in slow motion.”