Best VC Holiday Cards

Santa vs. The LiquidatorONSET Ventures consistently takes the cake for best holiday card. This years version is a comic book called “Santa vs. The Liquidator” which reads a lot like “The Grinch who Stole Christmas.” In ONSETs version, The Liquidator steals business plans, laptops, and purchase orders, oh my! I wont ruin the ending for you, you can read it yourself. Also be sure to check out the library of former cards.

ONSET has had a quiet year. It sold three of its portfolio companies, according to Thomson Financial. At least two of those companies grew up during the dotcom days. It sold Network Telephone Corporation for $20 million in January. The startup had raised $191.5 million in the run up to the dotcom bust. It sold Arcturus Bioscience for $10 million in April. The startup had raised $33.79 million. It also sold Sigma Dynamics for an undisclosed amount.

I spoke with ONSETs Rob Khuling this fall about what changes in the way the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services revised reimbursement rules would mean for medical device startups. PE Week subscribers can get the whole story here.