Bodybell resumes syndication

Bookrunner BNP Paribas has resumed syndication of the €327.5m debt package backing the recapitalisation of Bodybell and financing its acquisition of Grupo Juteco. Calyon has joined as a MLA on the senior and second-lien pieces.

The syndicated €290m facilities are split into a €38m seven-year term loan A, a €93.5m eight-year term loan B, €93.5m nine-year term loan C, a €20m second-lien loan, a €15m seven-year revolver and a €30m acquisition line.

In addition a €15m second-lien piece and a €20m mezzanine loan were pre-placed by Nmás1, while the lead is holding a €2.5m guarantee facility.

The first phase of syndication, targeted to banks and funds, was oversubscribed on both sides and put on hold before allocation stage as a result of the Grupo Juteco acquisition.

In total, €217m of the senior, second lien and mezzanine facilities back the recapitalisation with the additional €110.5m senior and second-lien pieces supporting the acquisition of Juteco.

Bodybell is a leading Spanish perfumery, household and beauty product retailer backed by sponsors Dinamia and Nmas1.