BPEP CEO retires

Chris Brotchie has retired as CEO of Baring Private Equity Partners (BPEP.)

He will be withdrawing from full-time executive management of the firm but will remain an active member of the investment committees and advisory boards of several of the BPEP funds. BPEP has recently successfully completed negotiations of an agreed MBO from parent company, ING.

Brotchie is a veteran of Baring Private Equity Partners and was appointed CEO in January 2000. After over 18 years at the firm he has decided to pursue other interests in addition to private equity.

Announcing his retirement he said: “Management succession is vital for any business and private equity is no exception. Each of the regional business units of BPEP now has sufficient depth of management to operate autonomously. Following our MBO there will be a new generation of funds and this important milestone for BPEP provides the perfect opportunity for me to go off and do other things. BPEP has been enormously rewarding and I’m proud of all we have achieved over the years. I look forward to continuing to be involved with the individual regional funds post-MBO.”