Call for Poetry

People often invite me to events Ive either never heard of or want to learn more about before attending. Christian Perry, producer of the SF Beta tech get-togethers, dropped me an email today about his groups Thursday event. Ive met Christian before but decided to check out his website. There he offers a compilation of startup poetry including limericks and haikus. Heres an example:

Sending big files was a chore
Burn CDs, then FedEx? No more!
No more FTP mess
Or clogged in-box stress
With YouSendIt, your business will soar!

I thought that was pretty good, so I decided to pen my own poem:

New Enterprise Associates
NEA was big to start,
But now its added $2.5 billion to its cart.
Where will the dollars all go?
Can it possibly make back its dough?
Not if its an early-stage investor at heart.

If youve got a good poem about a private equity firm, send it my way.