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Carlyle Group Takes on Jackson –

The White House wasn’t the only Washington-based institution making personnel changes last month. The Carlyle Group also made a few changes, filling the position of managing director of Carlyle Internet Partners Europe (CIPE) with Tim Jackson.

CIPE is one of the largest European venture capital funds raised totaling EURO730 million ($676.7 million). The fund invests with entrepreneurial businesses in communications and networking technology, communications services, information technology and new media and online services.

Jean-Bernard Tellio vacated the position somewhat raucously in December reportedly frustrated that he was unable to exploit his connections in bringing established U.S. Internet businesses to Europe.

Jackson filled the London-based position in January. Prior to his Carlyle gig, Jackson founded online European auction house in 1997 for which he raised $15 million in venture capital and grew the business to $12 million in annualized sales by mid-1999. He remains a non-executive of the public company but has turned over his position as chief executive to James Rose.

In the past year however, QXL’s stock price has taken a severe nose-dive on the Nasdaq. At press time, shares were trading at $4.67, a harsh drop from its 52-week high of $586.87.

It is unclear however whether all the dust has settled from the moves within CIPE. Reports indicate that Jackson is already considering cutting back his time spent with the group, if not leaving altogether.

Officials at Carlyle were available for comment at press time.