Compuloz Hopes To Fit Into VC Plans

Armed with an interactive software product that could help persuade conservative consumers to begin clothes-shopping online, Compucloz Corp. has launched its first round of institutional venture capital. The company hopes to net between $10 million and $15 million in the transaction, which is scheduled to close by mid-July.

Headquartered in Greenwich, Conn., Compucloz has developed a proprietary “digital dressing room” technology that lets online shoppers try on various articles of clothing and fashion accessories without having to leave the comfort of their living rooms. In other words, an e-tailing consumer might now be able to see how an outfit actually looks on him or herself, rather than on a catalog model.

“We provide a photo-realistic image that takes a client’s body measurements and actual face as inputs and outputs a type of custom body silhouette,” said Wojtek Borowski, managing director with Compucloz. “All a person has to do is enter in the information and we can show them how certain clothes fit or look together in a realistic way, not like dressed-up stick figures.”

Although consumers are the ultimate Compucloz end-users, the firm sees itself as part of the booming b-to-b sector since it generates revenue by selling its software applications to various e-tailers. For example, the company began a promotion with The Procter & Gamble Co. last July to do a haircare and makeup module in Latin America.

“It’s interesting that most of our business has been with hair and makeup so far, even though our business plan focuses on clothes,” Wojitek said.

Proceeds from the upcoming transaction will be used for marketing and additional technological advancements.