Convergent Seeds RFID Startup

ORFID Corp. has raised $200,000 in seed capital from Convergent Ventures and Precision Dynamics.

ORFID is being incubated at the offices of Convergent Ventures under the leadership of Jonathan Lasch, chairman and CEO of ORFID and a managing director of Los Angeles-based Convergent.

Convergent is a technology focused venture firm that seeks out opportunities from research, educational and medical institutions in Southern California.

Precisions is a privately held, 50-year-old maker of flexible identification products used in hospitals, prisons and recreational applications.

Lasch says that the seed round will be used to formalize product development plans and to attract the next round of capital from other venture and strategic investors.

The goal of the startup is to produce polymer-based circuitry that will underlie applications such as wearable RF IDs or very large display devices.

ORFID has already filed a number of patents for technology in its approaches to this field.