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Cramer looks to US following $25 million injection

One of Europe’s principal independent suppliers of telecoms network management software, Cramer Systems, is now gearing up to address the US market, supported by a $25 million second-round venture funding. Broadview Capital Partners of the US led the round, contributing $22 million. Kennet Capital, the joint venture between Electra Partners Europe and Broadview, which invested $1.5 million in Cramer last year, provided a further $3 million in this round.

The company’s core product, Dimension, was launched two years ago. Dimension enables network planners coping with huge growth in network traffic to maintain an accurate inventory of network components and services and therefore to fulfil service requests and allocate bandwidth to new customers rapidly and efficiently.

Four-year-old Cramer, which has more than quadrupled in size during the past year, provides software products to 18 leading European telcos including BT Telfort, Belgacom, diAx, Infostrada, Wind, Telewest and Cegitel. The company, which is headquartered in Bath, has now opened a sales office in Washington DC in preparation for its planned expansion into the US market.