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EQT completes deal of substance

EQT Danmark (EQT) has bought Nederman, a manufacturer of workspace environment equipment, from Candover. The business was acquired by Candover as part of its takeover of Charter’s specialised engineering business in October 1999.

Nederman is based in Helsingborg, Sweden. It develops, produces and markets solutions to displace or extract hazardous substances such as fumes, dust and particles from the workspace.

The solution takes two forms. Firstly, by removing air pollutants, reducing noise levels, and screening out harmful light to make the workplace less hazardous and more productive. Secondly, by creating equipment that supplies gases, liquids and energy, to make the workplace safe and efficient.

EQT believes Nederman offers interesting growth prospects and envisages growing the business in certain geographical markets as well as building fast-growing niche segments. It also believes that, as Nederman grows, add-on acquisitions will be possible.

“Nederman has a strong position in an industry becoming increasingly important for production and many service businesses,” asserts Claes Dahlback, EQT’s chairman. Anders Scharp is to represent EQT as chairman of the board of directors.