E-Synergy launches network

E-Synergy, the London based technology VC, has established a programme that gives experienced investors opportunities to invest in start-up and early-stage companies.

ANGELNET operates a membership service for individual, profession and corporate investors looking to part with between £10,000 and £500,000 in young British businesses. E-Synergy will be investing money from its own private investor base as well as its own money alongside the angels, which totals more than £40m

Andrew Stevenson, chief executive of E-Synergy, said: “ANGELNET gives experienced investors the opportunity to hear the ideas and meet the management of what may become tomorrow’s stellar performing companies.E-Synergy’s approach to finding and providing post-investment support has been very successful which has enabled us to build up a strong private investor base including such high profile industry figures as Jon Moulton, founder of Alchemy Partners. Creating ANGELNET will allow us to formalise and build on our success in terms of attracting new Investors and new investment propositions across the UK.”

ANGELNET members will be kept informed about new opportunities as they arise, and E-Synergy will hold a series of pre-investment and investment readiness events to showcase young companies. Members will also receive a quarterly newsletter as well as access to a customised ‘matching’ service to help identify appropriate opportunities according to a range of selection criteria such as industry sector or geographical location.