Emerging Manager Roundup: Novalpina, Health Velocity, Base10 Partners and more

Emerging managers raised more than $1.1 billion in the past week. Four firms raised over $100 million.

No firm raised as much as Novalpina Capital. The private equity firm raised more than $328 million and targets over $1.1 billion.

The other PE firm to cross the $100 million mark was Corbin Capital Partners. Its first mezzanine fund raised more than $112 million.

Health Velocity Capital led all venture firms. It closed its first flagship above $176 million.

Base10 Partners wasn’t too far behind. The venture firm closed its first flagship at more than $137 million.

Below is a rundown of the most significant emerging PE and venture funds that Buyouts has identified as being in the market over the past week:

Private Equity:

Advantage Capital raised more than $32 million for its second solar partners fund. The fund will provide funding to solar projects of 5 megawatts or more.

BHMS Investments focuses on leveraged buyouts in the North American lower-middle market. Its current fund has raised more than $12.1 million.

Corbin Capital Partners is an investment management company that specializes in alternative investments. Its first mezzanine fund raised more than $112.6 million.

Cresco Capital Partners invests in the many different aspects that make up the cannabis industry, from genetics to farming to retail. Its second flagship has raised over $13.1 million of a targeted $50 million.

GI Partners is a private investment firm that focuses across private equity and real estate strategies. Its second Pacific fund closed at $80 million.

Liebman Group Advisors focuses on real estate. Its first flagship closed at $4.5 million.

Novalpina Capital is a European firm that focuses on middle-market companies. Its current fund raised more than $382 million of a targeted $1.17 billion.

Shelter Growth Capital Partners is an investment management platform dedicating to building and managing mortgage-related portfolios. Its first term fund raised more than $12.6 million.

Spring Lake Equity Partners invests in later-stage technology companies. Its second flagship raised more than $49 million of a targeted $211 million.

Venture Capital:

Base10 Partners uses artificial intelligence to help every sector in which it invests. It looks for companies that can help build greater AI. Its first flagship closed at over $137 million.

Blue Bear Ventures wants to provide smoother early-stage investments in radical innovation from UC Berkeley and the entire University of California system. Its first fund raised more than $3.5 million.

Blueprint Equity focuses on investing in enterprise/business to business software, financial technology and technology-enabled services. Its first flagship raised more than $53 million.

Builders VC says innovative technology is the best way to fix antiquated industries. Its first Canadian flagship closed at US$22.5 million.

Caffeinated Capital focuses on early-stage investments in financial services, enterprise software, digital health and crypto. Its current fund closed at more than $13 million.

Camden Partners provides growth and seed capital to companies in education, healthcare, technology and business services. Its first nexus sidecar fund raised $1.6 million of a targeted $3 million.

Health Velocity Capital invests in growing healthcare software and services. Its first flagship closed above $176 million.

Rock River Capital Partners’ primary focus is on companies from the Midwest. Its first flagship closed at more than $23.4 million.

SGVC invests in software companies in the financial-services industry. Its third flagship closed at $51 million.