euro5.3 million second round for CoreMedia AG

Investee Company – CoreMedia AG (Germany)

Investee Company Business Type – Provider of advanced Java-based software

Type of Financing – Development

Equity Providers – T-Online Venture Fund, pre-IPO AG and Setubal Vermoegenverwaltungsgesellschaft

Equity Leader (Individual) – Dr Petra Buchholz, investment director for the T-Online Venture Fund

Debt Providers – N/A

Debt Type – N/A

Debt Leader (Individual) – N/A

Equity Amount – euro5.3 million

Total Deal Value – euro5.3 million

Other Advisors – N/A

Comments – CoreMedia AG, a provider of advanced Java-based software, has secured a euro5.3 million second round of financing from a syndicate of investors. The funding was provided by T-Online Venture Fund, a fund managed by T-Venture, the venture capital subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, which provided euro5 million in the round. While pre-IPO AG and Setubal Vermoegenverwaltungsgesellschaft also participated.

Founded in April 1996, and based in Hamburg, Germany, CoreMedia AG is a leading provider of state-of-the-art standard software for high-end content production, management, and delivery of multi-channel services with its award-winning CoreMedia Content Application Platform (CAP).

The money raised from this funding round will be used for a clear-out strategy of growth and internationalisation.

Dr Petra Buchholz, investment director for the T-Online Venture Fund, commented: “The flexible Content Management solution from CoreMedia is extremely well-suited to support both current and future online, mobile, and interactive TV broadband applications.”

Soeren Stamer, CEO of CoreMedia, said: “With its considerable understanding of the market, T-Online Venture Fund recognised the competitive strengths of CoreMedia’s technology for the growing number of content applications and joined as an investment partner in CoreMedia”.