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Dear Reader

You will notice some changes to this issue of EVCJ, which we intend to repeat and build upon in forthcoming issues. The main changes include a greatly increased buyouts section, and the introduction of three new sections. These are Legal & Regulatory Exchange, which will focus on issues that affect private equity and venture capital investors, for example the new Basel Accord reviewed in this issue, LP Corner, which will focus on issues of concern to investors in private equity and venture capital such as fee arrangements covered in this issue, and Data Room. Much of the information now found in Data Room would typically have appeared in the news pages of EVCJ but has been expanded and is now collated into one area with the aim of making the magazine more user friendly for readers.

Each issue will now carry either a country report or a country supplement in response to reader requests and sector reports will appear more regularly in the magazine. To look up the scheduling for country and sector specific coverage go to and click on “Editorial”, which is under the EVCJ logo at the top of the homepage.

Also, you may have noticed the change in the EVCJ strapline from European Venture Capital Journal to European Venture Capital & Private Equity Journal. This is to reflect the fact that we cover both the venture capital and private equity markets in Europe in equal measure. It is for a similar reason, namely that some private equity readers assumed there was a venture capital bias, that we have beefed up the buyouts section.

The bulk of the changes are in response to those of you that kindly took the time to feedback your thoughts on the journal in the 2002 readership survey which was distributed with this year’s May issue. Whether or not you were able to contribute to that survey we welcome your thoughts on the new changes. You can make these known to us either by writing to the address above or contacting one of the editorial team;

Lisa Bushrod: tel +44 (0)207 369 7768 or email:

Angela Sormani: tel +44 (0)207 369 7675 or email:

Louise Cowley: tel +44 (0)207 369 7516 or email:

Kind regards

Lisa Bushrod

Editor, EVCJ