EVCJ Awards for 2001

Work has already begun on the EVCJ Awards for 2001. To help in the selection of the award

winners, we are inviting self-nominations for the categories listed below accompanied by supporting documentation. However, we would point out that those wishing to make submissions are not automatically included for consideration and neither are those that do not make submissions excluded from consideration by the judging panel.

Any submissions should be send to the editor, Lisa Bushrod at lisa.bushrod@tfeurope.com by Friday 1 March, 2002, after which they will be reviewed by the judging panel, which includes Lisa Bushrod (editor EVCJ), Angela Sormani (assistant editor EVCJ), Louise Cowley (staff writer EVCJ), Gillian Middleton (Head of European VC & PE Research), and Keith Mullin (editor-in-chief EVCJ and editor International Financing Review.)

The award winners will appear on www.evcj.com after midday GMT on Thursday 28 March, 2002.

Submissions may cover subjects such as; how has your firm progressed over the course of the year? In what way has your firm adapted to the key trends that have driven market activity during the year? What has been noteworthy about your deal roster, either in terms of size of deal, geographical and/or sectoral diversification, degree of innovation?

Below is a preliminary list of awards that EVCJ will consider for 2001. Publication of the list does not in any way imply that all awards will be presented. The final list of awards to be presented is at the editor’s discretion.