Ex-Israeli PM PE partner

Former prime minister of Israel, Ehud Barak, has joined the advisory board of Israeli financial services group, Tamir Fishman & Co, as well as becoming a partner of the group’s private equity activity.

Barak will serve on the advisory board with Stuart Eizenstat, former US deputy secretary of the treasury and international chairman of Covington Law offices, Professor Amir Barnea, and former ambassador Uri Bar-Ner. Barak will assist the group in business development, establishing private equity funds, and developing new markets and products.

Ehud Barak served as Israel’s tenth Prime Minister and has also held the posts of minister of defence, foreign affairs and the interior at various times in the past. He is currently an active member of the global investment community, serving as an advisor to several large US- and UK-based hedge funds, as well as being involved in private equity funds in both the US and Europe.