Exec Leaves European LP To Launch Firm

Jens Bisgaard-Frantzen has resigned as managing partner of ATP Private Equity Partners to start his own business. ATP is one of Europe’s largest investors in private equity funds, with around €3.2 billion in capital under management and 45 general partner relationships.

Bisgaard-Frantzen, describing the split as amicable, blamed a disagreement over whether or not the firm should raise capital from limited partners other than Danish pension fund ATP. “I joined ATP in 2001 to help form the private equity business, and am grateful for the opportunity,” Bisgaard-Frantzen told Buyouts. “We ended up having a disagreement over direction, and I plan to start a new alternatives business.”

Bisgaard-Frantzen and ATP remain in negotiations over compensation, including carried interest agreements. The firm has opted not to replace the managing partner position. It will instead be run by a trio of partners, Susanne Forsingdal, Klaus Rühne and Torben Vangstrup.D.P.