Fast Ventures changes focusAnother VC rethinking its investment strategy is Hungarian firm Fast Ventures, which has decided to l

Peter Fodor, CEO of Fast Ventures, said: “The current environment for early stage is difficult. We have had to re-value all of our investments in the Internet field, and negotiate how we are going to go forward.”

Three of Fast Ventures portfolio companies under close scrutiny are Palya, an educational portal, aXio, which Fodor describes as the Hungarian version of e-Bay, and Print-x, a business-to-business online printing portal. The firm has finalised an arrangement with each company with a view to reducing its involvement with the businesses.

“Right now the infrastructure of the technology environment is very much in question how is it going to grow and what is going to be important. Given the current climate, we have had to rethink how we are going ahead in that industry,” said Fodor.