Fresh profile: Emerson Capital Partners plays the long game

Emerson Capital Partner’s founder and managing principal, Kasra Hedayatnia, has adopted a long-term investment strategy as his company aims to complete its first deal.

“We’re trying to find an opportunity where we can put the most amount of resources that we have to use. It’s not just about finding a deal or buying a company,” Hedayatnia said. “I’m long-term oriented. My investors, [who] have signed up, they are long-term as well.”

Founded in 2016, Emerson Capital Partners is focused on a wide range of investment sectors, such as business services, healthcare, fintech, specialty plastics and chemicals, according to its website.

Following a six-year stint as a director at H.I.G. Capital, Hedayatnia initially operated Emerson Capital as a consulting firm. He worked with a family office in south Florida and a private equity group in New York and co-invested in deals with his clients.

The Miami-based independent sponsor seeks companies with Ebitda of at least $1.5 million located in the U.S. and Canada, its website shows.

The company is open to pursuing companies where the management team isn’t as established and where the owners may want to walk away from their business without it losing value, Hedayatnia said. “We can step in and essentially serve as operators or we can bring in other folks,” he said. “I think it resonates with smaller companies and the larger ones, where we’re actually going out and replacing the active owners.”

Hedayatnia, who works with family offices and high-net-worth individuals to help secure capital for future opportunities, said Emerson Capital isn’t trying to build a portfolio quickly, but taking its time to find an opportunity that works best for the business.

“We need a whole bunch of boxes to be checked and I have time. There’s no reason to rush things,” Hedayatnia said. “We’re still building out the platform, still building out the infrastructure.”