I Want My VC TV

“I went from basically being penniless to having more money than I knew what to do with,” house-selling Fred Wilson tells WallStrip about the $4.5 billion sale of Geocities to Yahoo in 1999. Fast forward to 2005 and Yahoos $30 million buy of del.icio.us and its easy to understand why a VC might want to put his house on the market.

Other videos of note: Charles River Ventures Bill Tai talks about how cool Chinese browser Maxthon is. Heres a televised elevator pitch to Michael Moritz from PaxStereo, an IPTV startup, looking for the backing of Google-YouTube to selling vlogging services to movie and music artists. David Chao on CNBC talking about 51job here. The University Venture Fund talks about its deals. Joe Schoendorf, of Accel Partners, tells an anecdote about his time as consultant to the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) in Japan at an AlwaysOn panel.