Intralinks connects GPs and LPs

Intralinks, a US-based provider of online solutions for the alternative investment community is expanding its services into Europe. The group aims to improve communications between private equity firms and their limited partners and has recently opened a London office with three professionals on the ground. Intralinks is used by GPs for fund raising and quarterly reporting to limited partners. When fundraising, the private equity firm can use Intralinks to distribute information such as legal and due diligence documentation electronically and securely to potential investors.

Adam Sloan, senior vice president at IntraLinks says: “We enhance communications for alternative investment firms and their partners by offering technology that can be implemented quickly, without additional investment in infrastructure. This allows our alternative investment clients to connect to the LP community more efficiently.”

The group has already secured over five European clients, but is unable to disclose names yet. Sloan says the demand for use of the product is just as great in Europe as it is in the US – primarily due to the fact that a vast majority of limited partners have an international focus.

As far as competition is concerned, he adds that there is a huge gap in the market, with most private equity firms building their own websites and investing in the infrastructure themselves to report to LPs in a secure environment. Intralinks takes on this job for the GP. Sloan says: “Our service allows the GP to control what information the LP sees and it also makes it easy for the LP to access the information needed on the web.”