Israeli tech company bought by Cisco

Cisco Systems has acquired California-headquartered company Actona Technologies for $100m (€81m) from a consortium of private equity funds and a business development company. Sequoia Capital Israel, who provided $2m of start-up capital March 2000, invested a total of $9m and will make a gain of around $25m.

Israeli VC firm Evergreen, who led a $10m series B round in April 2002, will make a $22m profit, a 3.7x return on the $6m the firm had invested.

Co-investors American VC fund, Mayfield, will make a $12m capital gain on its $5 million investment. Fantine, an Israeli VC fund, will see its $1.9m contribution yield a $5m.

The founders of Actona, a data management company will receive a total of $14m.

Actona is headquartered in California and has an office in Israel. In June 2004 it completed a third round of fundraising, led by Mayfield, where it attracted $10m bringing its total equity investment to $23m.