Just Linking Around

Apologies for the light posting today gotten a bit caught up both reporting and Internship Rodeo management. So just a few quick links to finish off the day (or to begin it, if youre in Asia).

* Charles River Ventures continues on its quest to become the McDonalds of venture capital (QuickStart=Drive-Thru), this time with a 60-second biz plan pitch competition.

* Lots of blog buzz about todaysnews that Jason Calcanis has bedded down with Sequoia Capital. Consensus seems to be that further indication that Sequoia is jumping enthusiastically into the media rabbit-hole. Per usual, Paul Kedrosky has the best headline.

* The Going Private gal has a decidedly negative view of the Sorkin Roadmap for Fairness, with trademark sarcasm. At least she sort of acknowledges that the independent advisors should be truly independent. Myprior take here.

* A bunch of the Internship Rodeo listings are for VC firms, but Guy Kawasaki suggests that first-year MBAs might be a bit too young Take the VC Aptitude Test.

* Jeff Bussgang of IDG Ventures Boston on what VCs can learn from Borat.

* And, finally, since CNBC now puts its videos online, here I am yesterday talking about potential casino and ski resort deals (and looking tired). Ill also be back on the tube Friday morning at 7:40am, to discuss Toys R Us.