Ledstiernan opens in Finland

Ledstiernan, a Scandinavian seed and venture capital company set up in 1993 as a partnership with the aim of investing mainly in the IT sector, has opened a new office in Helsinki, Finland. The move to Helsinki is motivated by a wish to get involved in Finnish start-up ventures and to establish a presence in one of the world’s most important centres of development within Ledstiernan’s special focus area: wireless communication and mobile Internet.

“This new unit in Finland will put us in a better position to identify and support new promising ventures within wireless communication and mobile Internet, the most important sectors within Ledstiernan’s investment strategy. Technical developments within mobile communications in Finland are remarkable, by global standards. The country also has the world’s most advanced users of mobile telephony and Internet, and it is one of the world’s most prominent regions in the development of wireless technology and mobile communication,” said Jan Carlzon, chairman of Ledstiernan.

Robert Malmstrom, who is a senior partner at Ledstiernan, will lead the new Helsinki office. Malmstrom is well versed in the telecoms industry having most recently worked as head of the Nordic telecom, media and network strategic consulting team at Gemini Consulting.

“I look forward to supporting local entrepreneurs in Finland in the development of their ideas and ventures as a means of enabling Finland to maintain its strong position on the global market. We will invest on our own account as well as with other local investors in Finland and apply the whole of Ledstiernan’s strength and expertise to the development of these ventures,” said Malmstrom.