MBA Internship Rodeo Begins

The 4th Annual Internship Rodeo has begun, for first-year MBA candidates in search of summer internships in the private equity market. Thirty-nine firms are participating this year, including shops that focus on venture capital, growth equity, leveraged buyouts, funds-of-funds, real estate, investment banking, M&A and secondary transactions.

The listings can be found in the MBA Forum section of, under the Internship folder of the Employment section. Toaccess the MBA Forum you musthave an Access Code specific to your business school. If you do not have such a code, please contact the head of your PE/VC Club. If that fails, you also can email us (but please ask them first).

If you are a private equity firm that wants to offer a summer internship, please send me an email with your firm type, firm location and any other relevant info. Also let me know if you want your firm name disclosed. I will accept/post new listings through the end of this week.