New directors for GIMV

GIMV has new directors following the Belgian firm’s Annual General Meeting. Jan Kerremans, chief cabinet secretary to Fientje Moerman, the vice-minister-president of the Flemish Government, replaces Jacques Laverge who resigns because of reaching the age limit. Independent directors René Mannekens and Marc Vanhoey have resigned for the same reason and are replaced by Professor Christine Van Broeckhoven, director of research at the Instituut Born Bunge, and scientific director of the VIB8 (Flemish Inter-university Institute for Biotechnology – Molecular Genetics Department), and Emile van der Burg (formerly NIB and former chairman of EVCA.) To ensure continuity, the office terms of Zeger Collier, Eric Spiessens and Marc Stordiau (subject to the approval of the expansion of the board of directors by the new Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting of 20 June 20, 2005) were extended.

Eddy Geysen, former managing director of General Motors Antwerp, has also been named as a new director.