New Mexico mulls $100 mln commitment to Hellman & Friedman IX

  • Assets under management: $22.4 bln
  • Target allocation to PE/VC: 12 pct
  • Actual allocation to PE/VC: 10.76 pct
  • PE/VC strategy: Since 2011, PE portfolio has targeted larger fund commitments of $75 mln-$100 mln
  • Key advisers/consultants: Pavilion Alternatives Group
  • Whom to contact for a meeting: Charles Wollmann (
  • Why this is important: Hellman & Friedman’s latest fund is attracting LP interest

New Mexico State Investment Council is mulling a $100 million commitment to Hellman & Friedman’s ninth fund, its latest investment-committee agenda shows.

The target for Hellman’s ninth fund has not been disclosed, but the pool is likely targeting $15 billion to $16 billion, Buyouts reported.

The firm’s previous fund closed at $10.9 billion in 2014, Minnesota State Board of Investment documents showed.

Hellman’s ninth fund has received re-ups from institutions, including $200 million from Minnesota and $100 million from Pennsylvania State Employees’ Retirement System.

New Mexico SIC manages almost $22.4 billion in assets, comprising the $17.4 billion land grant and $5 billion severance tax permanent funds.

Total private equity commitments were $2.5 billion across the two funds, a 10.76 percent allocation in the total portfolio as of June 30, 2018, according to documents.

New Mexico aimed to commit $550 million to $650 million spread over six to eight fund commitments for 2018.

Earlier in the year, it made a $60 million commitment to Bridgepoint Europe’s sixth fund, which closed at 5.5 billion euros ($6.24 billion) in December 2017.

New Mexico SIC’s PE portfolio returned 13.26 percent over one year, 9.96 percent over five years and 7.65 percent over 10 years as of June 30, 2018.

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