New Name, Ownership for Paul Capital Investments

Paul Capital Investments, a private equity asset management firm created as a joint venture in 2006 between Paul Capital Advisors and the Bank of Ireland, has changed its name to Top Tier Capital Partners to reflect the firm’s “management-led change in ownership,” according to a company press release.

The equity stakes held by Paul Capital Advisors and the Bank in Ireland were sold as part of the company’s shift in ownership and brand identity. The firm’s employees now own a majority share of its equity. Additional stakes are owned by the Shea and Hambrecht/Eu families.

Part of the change was driven by the Bank of Ireland’s endeavor to sell all of its “non-core asset management businesses,” in accordance with its commitment to EU regulators following the financial rescue of Ireland’s banking sector.

Yet Top Tier Capital and Paul Capital Advisors plan to retain close ties. Philip Paul, the founder and chairman emeritus of Paul Capital Advisors, will serve as managing director and chairman of Top Tier Capital.

Top Tier Capital, which is based in San Francisco and has roots going back to 1991, is known best for its venture capital fund of funds, which was launched in 1999 and has $2 billion invested. For the time being, Top Tier Capital and Paul Capital Advisors will share offices and share certain back-office functions.