Onians Fellowship seeks applicants

The Onians Fellowship, set up in memory of the Dick Onians, one of the founding chairmen of the European Venture Capital and Private Equity Association and managing partner of Baring Private Equity Partners for 15 years, is seeking applicants for a second Fellowship. The Onians Fellowship, sponsored by the RSA of which Dick Onians was chairman when he died in 1999, is worth GBP30,000 and will be awarded to provide someone with the opportunity to take time out to develop an idea for the benefit of wider society.

Applicants are invited to explore ideas covering many diverse topics, reflecting Dick Onians’ eclectic interests. Ideas such as developing a more supportive entrepreneurial environment or that help young people set up their own businesses. Alternatively, the applicant could seek to encourage better science, technology, music or mathematics teaching, or new ways

of educating young managers. Proposals could also include ways to encourage rural enterprise, especially tourism and the creation of new businesses in rural areas.

Many senior players in the private equity industry contributed to the Award when it was launched in 2000 as the Onians Fellowship espouses many of Onians interests and passions and they can think of no better way to commemorate his life and reflect the way he has influenced so many.

Gerard Darby, the recipient of the first Onians Fellowship in 2001, has enjoyed great success with his report Young Entrepreneurs, published earlier this year.

Applications for The Onians Fellowship close on 31 October 2002. Applicants should fill in a form available from www.thersa.org/onians. Interviews will take place in December with the Fellowship starting in February 2003.

Anyone of any age can apply but Dick Onians’s belief in young people (under 40) will be strongly reflected in the selection. Those who have worked and achieved in any field, rather than those who seek to continue their academic career, are encouraged to apply, as are those without formal qualifications.