Outside The Office

Massoud says he likes to take a “hands on” approach to life outside of the firm. Part of what he does in his spare time is compete on his firm’s basketball team. “We have a record well below .500 and as we get older the prospects don’t look good for improving,” he says.

He also coaches little league soccer and baseball. Massoud has been active and is a long-term supporter of the Big Brother/Big Sisters of Southwestern Connecticut. He says that while donating money to such causes is important, it’s more satisfying to participate in causes directly. He takes pride in the fact that his little brother from that program, whom he has mentored as a big brother for nine years, is applying to go to college and is likely to be accepted by several competitive schools.

That family-centered approach is evident in the Compass Group as well. The firm, which is headquartered in Westport, Conn. with an office in Laguna Hills, Calif., promotes family outings and holds a firm-wide “Compass Fest” annually. Its Website features slide shows of various firm-sponsored family outings, including paint ball, steamboat cruises, clam bakes and the like, often with partners and their families wearing annual ‘Compass Fest’ t-shirts.