Oxford and Pi join forces

Two UK investor networks, Oxford Capital and Pi Capital, have teamed up to pool their capital and business experience in an attempt to attract more money in the early-stage space when so many VCs are abandoning it.

Calling itself a “super-network” it hopes to partner with the UK’s best entrepreneurs and provide them access to both funding and expertise.

With money for start-ups and smaller businesses so scarce, the super-network is hoping to fill the gap by supporting companies who are struggling to attract either debt or equity, and provide them with the intellectual support they need to exploit business opportunities.

In a joint statement, Oxford and Pi said: “Smart investors realise the need for patience in building successful businesses and are also interested in helping the bigger picture of the national economic effort. They understand that investing in businesses, including smaller ones, can be risky but they have the expertise and abilities to work with them. This is a new alliance for progress and potential support for a number of companies during these challenging times and can act as a catalyst for capital from other sources, both public and private.”

Oxford Capital has founded in 1999, and specialises in commercialising emerging technologies. Pi Capital was established in 1998. It’s an investor network focused on growth equity and alternative asset investment, with members often willing to become hands-on involved in some of the businesses in which they invest.