Oxford Uni scholarships

Oxford University Business Economics Programme (OUBEP) is offering two scholarship places on its 2005 course. The programme’s steering committee announced their first scholarships to mark the milestone of serving industry for more than 50 years.

OUBEP is an intensive three-week course attended by delegates from around the world who have been selected by their employers as high-potential business leaders of the future. The course is provided by leading academic tutors from the Oxford University Faculty of Economics. Lectures from – and discussion with – academics from other institutions and leading figures from politics, business and finance, make up the total OUBEP experience. The full programme comprises a series of lectures, syndicate work and open discussion.

To qualify to apply for the course scholarships, delegates must be a graduate of a recognised institution and hold a high-level position with their current employer organisation; represent organisations which, in the opinion of the committee, would not normally be able to afford the full cost of the programme; be able to learn from, and contribute to, the academic, discussion and social elements of the programme and their resultant inclusion in the OUBEP network; be able to contribute to the programme through a willingness to share openly their experience in their field of work with other members of the programme.

The course fees of £11,000 will be borne by the Committee for the two scholarship delegates. All that needs to be paid by delegates, their employers or sponsors, is a charge of £4,000 to cover all other costs.