Read This (if you can)

Each Monday brings with it around a dozen VC funding announcements. And, to be honest, it’s rare that one seems much more important than another. Unless a company raised triple-digits, I’m just trying to get them all typed up for PE Week Wire publication.

But some clever PR folks were at work with this morning’s announcement for Zlango, an Israeli startup that has created an icon-based language for Web and mobile messaging.

The financial details are fairly pedestrian (albeit a bit larger than expected) — $12 million from Benchmark Capital and Accel Partners — but it’s the actual press release itself that caught my eye. Why? Because it’s written in Zlango (see here).

The downside to such a strategy is that the release can’t be distributed via the traditional wire services. The upside is that someone like me is actually writing about the release, whereas I normally would not….