RSM Int’l forms Access to Capital

RSM International, the global accounting and consulting firm, has formalised its activities in help companies, from early stage venture start ups to mid-sized companies, find appropriate funding sources. This formalisation has resulted in the introduction of an international team called Access to Capital, which will be launched next week.

Plans to launch the Access to Capital team have been underway for much of this year and will concentrate the fund raising expertise of each of RSM International’s member firms in one unit.

RSM International has been in existence since 1964 but only took its current name on a worldwide basis at the beginning of 1993. Eighty member firms and four correspondent firms make up RSM International, which has a reach across 74 countries. The core member firms of RSM International are McGladrey & Pullen (US), Salustro Reydel (France), Robson Rhodes (UK), Haarmann Hemmelrath (Germany) and Bird Cameron (Australia).

RSM International, while both an accounting and consulting firm, is in the process of shifting its main emphasis to the latter.