Scoreboard 10-22-01

Recently Announced Venture Capital Deals

Issuer Round Close Round # Amount (M) Lead Investors
Digital Fountain Inc. Fremont, CA Content delivery systems 10/17/01 4 $20.0 Adobe Systems Inc; British Telecom; Cisco Systems Inc.; Granite Ventures LLC; Macrovision Corp.
Iridigm Display Corp. San Francisco, CA Flat panel displays for mobile devices 10/17/01 1 $13.0 DynaFund Ventures; Ideo Ventures; Intel Capital; Technology Associates Management Corp.
Proximion AB Kista, Sweden Monitoring and signal regeneration components 10/16/01 2 $10.0 ADD Partners; Celtic House International; InnovationsKapital
e-StudioLIVE Inc. Chelmsford, MA Live Web broadcasting solutions 10/16/01 4 $2.5 Apex Venture Partners; Putnam Management
ExpertPlan Inc. Cranbury, NJ Internet-based retirement planning 10/16/01 3 $2.0 BaseCamp Ventures; Gamma Investors LLC; Meridian Venture Partners
deNovis Inc. Lexington, MA Financial transaction platform for the medical industry 10/15/01 3 $43.8 3i Capital Corp.; Advanced Technology Ventures; Audax Group; Bain Capital
Danger Inc. Palo Alto, CA Wireless Internet solutions 10/15/01 4 $36.0 Diamondhead Ventures L.P.; Orange Ventures; Redpoint Ventures; SOFTBANK Venture Capital
Coriolis Networks Inc. Boxborough, MA Metro optical products 10/15/01 3 $32.0 Bessemer Venture Partners; Columbia Capital Corp.; EnerTech Capital; New Enterprise Associates
Wightlink Ltd. Portsmouth, UK Ferry services 10/15/01 2 $30.4 RBS Mezzanine Ltd.
Celoxica Abingdon, UK Digital programming language applications 10/15/01 2 $30.0 Advent Venture Partners; Cazenove Private Equity; Intel Capital; Quester Capital Management Ltd.
Moneybox Corp. Ltd. London, UK Manufactures, installs and maintains ATMs 10/15/01 2 $20.6 Apax Partners & Co. Ventures Ltd.; Sand Aire Private Equity Ltd
Virtela Communications Inc. Greenwood Village, CO Enhanced IP service provider 10/15/01 3 $18.0 Juniper Networks; New Enterprise Associates; Norwest Venture Partners; Palomar Ventures Inc. Campbell, CA Digital publishing infrastructure technology 10/15/01 2 $18.0 Warburg Pincus LLC
IP Dynamics Campbell, CA Internet infrastructure solutions 10/15/01 2 $15.0 Intel Capital; SUNeVision Holdings Ltd.; Technology Associates Management Corp.
Xelerated Packet Devices AB Stockholm, Sweden High-speed network processors and software 10/15/01 1 $12.0 Alta Partners; Atlas Venture; Startup Factory
Protedyne Ashland, MA Genome-based drug discovery 10/15/01 1 $12.0 Meridian Venture Partners; Sprout Group
mindSHIFT Technologies Inc. Fairfax, VA IT services 10/15/01 4 $10.0 Bessemer Venture Partners; Columbia Capital Group; J.P. Morgan Capital Corp.
Wily Technology Inc. Burlingame, CA Java Web application software 10/15/01 3 $10.0 Accel Partners; Greylock
KyberPASS Nepean, ON Electronic security software 10/15/01 2 $4.0 C.I. Covington Fund; McLean Watson Capital
Revenue Technologies Corp. Atlanta, GA Business pricing technology for B2B commerce 10/15/01 3 $4.0 Adams Capital Management; Cordova Ventures; Imlay Investments
SOFTonNet Inc. San Jose, CA Application streaming technology 10/12/01 2 $2.0 LG Venture Investment; STIC IT Venture Capital
E-formalites Paris, France Online legal information services 10/12/01 1 $0.8 Financiere Natexis Banque Populaire
S.M. Hitech Co. Bangkok, Thailand Auto parts 10/12/01 1 $0.1 One Asset Management Ltd.
Groove Networks Beverly, MA PC/Internet communication software 10/11/01 4 $54.0 Accel Partners
Heartland Payment Systems Scottsdale, AZ Payroll processing solutions 10/11/01 2 $40.0 Greenhill & Co.; LLR Partners Inc.
Blue Ridge Networks Chantilly, VA Business network security products 10/11/01 2 $8.0 North Atlantic Capital Corp.; SpaceVest
Metro-Optix Corp. Santa Clara, CA Optical networking equipment 10/11/01 4 $4.0 BlueStream Ventures; CenterPoint Venture Partners; InterWest Partners; J&W Seligman & Co.
Canalce Billancourt, France Online platform services 10/11/01 1 $0.6 Coach’Invest S.A.
NTRU Burlington, MA Cryptography system for Internet users 10/9/01 2 $26.1 3i Capital Corp.; Granite Ventures LLC; Greylock; Investor Growth Capital Inc.; Lehman Brothers
Air2Web Inc. Atlanta, GA Software infrastructure services 10/9/01 2 $20.0 CDP Sofinov; Mitsubishi Corp.; Nextel Ventures
Citadon San Francisco, CA Integrated management solutions for construction 10/9/01 7 $19.0 GE Equity; Internet Capital Group; Warburg Pincus LLC
MaXXan Systems San Jose, CA Next-generation network infrastructure 10/9/01 3 $10.0 China Development Industrial Bank; Ironweed Capital; Lucent Venture Partners Inc.
Red Herring Communications San Francisco, CA Business information and industry events 10/9/01 3 $5.0 Broadview Capital Partners
Dialout.Net Nashua, NH Broadband services 10/9/01 1 $4.5 Kodiak Venture Partners
Crystal Solution Co. Ltd. Hong Kong Electronic components 10/9/01 1 $0.4 SD Venture Capital Corp.
Megisto Systems Inc. Germantown, MD Carrier-class mobile Internet infrastructure 10/8/01 3 $21.6 Bessemer Venture Partners; Columbia Capital Corp.; Lucent Venture Partners Inc.
NextPage Inc. Lehi, UT E-businesses software 10/8/01 2 $13.0 CIBC Capital Partners; Dominion Ventures Inc.; Intel Corp.; Oak Investment Partners; Tidal Ventures
College Publisher Inc. Boston, MA Oline publishing solutions for college newspapers 10/8/01 2 $8.5 Advanced Technology Ventures; Venture Capital Fund of New England
Acme Packet Woburn, MA Voice technology for the Internet 10/8/01 2 $4.0 Canaan Partners; Menlo Ventures
Novatris Paris, France Research and marketing consultancy services 10/8/01 1 $1.4 Esfin Gestion; Odyssee Venture
Secode AB Solna, Sweden Managed Internet security services 10/8/01 2 $0.5 ACR Capital AB
Inca Digital Printers Ltd. Cambridge, UK Industrial ink-jet printers 10/5/01 2 $3.0 Advent Venture Partners
Mint AB Stockholm, Sweden Mobile device payment software 10/5/01 1 $1.8 Priveq Partners AB
Danish Marine System A/S Esbjerg, Denmark Maritime solutions for flooring systems 10/5/01 2 $0.6 Dansk Kapitalanlaeg
Allegro Networks Inc. San Jose, CA Infrastructure routers 10/4/01 4 $30.0 Bessemer Venture Partners; Columbia Capital Corp.; Infinity Capital LLC; Rustic Canyon Ventures
ipUnplugged AB Stockholm, Sweden Mobile service routers 10/4/01 3 $6.4 Ledstiernan Mobile Ventures; Mobile Internet Capital Corp.
Affibody Technologies AB Stockholm, Sweden Visual bioinformatics 10/3/01 2 $28.0 Investor Growth Capital; Odlander Fredrikson & Co.; Schroder Ventures Int’l Life Sciences
Northstar Photonics Maple Grove, MN Photonic components 10/3/01 2 $11.0 CIT Group/Venture Capital; InnoCal L.P.; St. Paul Venture Capital Inc.
Accellion San Jose, CA Intelligent storage services 10/3/01 2 $9.3 Baring Private Equity Partners; Tinshed Corp. Barcelona, Spain Leather industry portal 10/3/01 2 $6.9 Amadeus Capital Partners; Gilde Investment; LogiSpring