Scoreboard 11-05-01

Recently Announced Venture Capital Deals

Issuer Round Close Round # Amount (M) Lead Investors
Kovair Software Inc. San Jose, CA Customer relationship management tools 10/31/01 3 $7.0 Draper Richards; Glynn Capital Management; New Enterprise Associates; Sutter Hill Ventures
InterCure Ltd. Neveilan, Jerusalem Medical devices to monitor patient progress 10/31/01 2 $4.5 Medica Venture Partners; True North Partners LLC
Directo Inc. Norcross, GA Financial services 10/31/01 2 $2.1 Undisclosed Venture Investor
24 Hour Fitness Worldwide Pleasanton, CA Fitness facilities 10/30/01 4 $85.0 McCown De Leeuw & Co.; Triumph Capital Group
Therion Biologics Corp. Cambridge, MA Cancer vaccines 10/30/01 8 $36.5 BioVentures Investors; CDP Sofinov; H&Q Healthcare Investors; J.P. Morgan Partners
Cytochroma Kingston, ON Cytochromes research 10/30/01 1 $7.6 Business Development Bank of Canada; Canadian Medical Discoveries Fund; Novo AS Portland, OR Audience measurement services 10/30/01 3 $5.5 FBR CoMotion Venture Capital; Trans Cosmos USA
Xelector Dublin, Ireland Financial services and utilities products 10/30/01 2 $3.4 Invision AG; Morgan Stanley Venture Partners ; Vertex Management; XL Ventures
InterWise Santa Clara, CA Internet-based learning services 10/29/01 2 $34.0 Accenture Technology Ventures; GIMV NV; Lazard Technology Partners; Leeds Weld & Co.
Cyneta Networks Inc. Plano, TX Wireless Internet network infrastructure 10/29/01 2 $25.0 Battery Ventures; Crescendo Venture Management LLC; Partech International; Vortex Partners
Asita Technologies Inc. Irvine, CA Virtual private network (VPN) solutions 10/29/01 1 $24.0 ETF Group; SOFTBANK Capital Partners
Fuegotech Addison, TX Enterprise management solutions 10/29/01 3 $22.3 SSM Ventures; Sevin Rosen Funds; Star-Ventures Management GMBH; Stephens Group
National Leisure Group Inc. Woburn, MA Vacation and cruise packages 10/29/01 3 $20.0 Undisclosed Corporate Investor
InfoCruiser Inc. Arlington, VA Server database software 10/29/01 2 $10.2 Argus Capital Group; Carlyle Group LP; Draper Richards; DynaFund Ventures
Taral Networks Kanata, ON Service-infrastructure technology for wireless networks 10/29/01 1 $5.0 Kodiak Venture Partners
Zoom Culture Chapel Hill, NC Multimedia services and content 10/29/01 5 $4.5 Atlantis Group; Cordova Ventures; Intersouth Partners; TruePilot LLC
TeleVoke Inc. San Francisco, CA Internet tracking services 10/29/01 3 $4.0 Cardinal Ventures L.L.C.; SOFTBANK Capital Partners; WI Harper Group
Marketing Solutions Inc. New York, NY Marketing software and services 10/29/01 1 $4.0 Hudson Venture Partners; Lazard Technology Partners
Financeware Inc. Richmond, VA Website that links investors with advisors 10/29/01 4 $1.0 TF Ventures Inc. New York, NY B2b marketplace for the special events industry 10/29/01 2 $0.5 Individuals; Milestone Venture Partners
Just Jeans Ltd. Richmond, VA Specialty apparel retailer in Australia and New Zealand 10/26/01 1 $53.9 Catalyst Investment Managers Pty Ltd.
Napster Inc. Redwood City, CA Music download technology 10/26/01 2 $26.0 Undisclosed Corporate Investor
Crystallize Inc. Ann Arbor, MI Data management technology 10/26/01 3 $18.0 Battery Ventures LP
Xemics SA Neuchatel, Switz. Low-power mixed-signal integrated circuits 10/26/01 2 $6.0 Banexi Ventures Partners; Bank Vontobel AG; Innoventure Equity Partners AG New York, NY Sells gift certificates over the Internet 10/26/01 7 $4.4 Churchill Investment Partners; Mellon Ventures; SCP Private Equity Partners
Espresso Broadband Ltd. London, UK Broadband educational content for schools 10/26/01 1 $3.9 ProVen Private Equity; Undisclosed Corporate Investor
Selltis LLC Mandeville, LA Industrial sales automation software 10/26/01 1 $3.0 Advantage Capital Partners
Mobite A/S Copenhagen, Denmark Resource management solutions 10/26/01 1 $2.0 Novi-North Jutland Science Park; Olicom AS
Overx Inc. Chicago, IL Distributed information infrastructure software 10/26/01 1 $1.0 Redleaf Group Inc.
Caliber Collision Centers Irvine, CA Auto shop repair 10/25/01 2 $40.0 Keystone Venture Capital Management Co.; Oak Hill Capital Management Inc.
ENCORP Inc. Windsor, CO Distributed power technology 10/25/01 2 $38.1 Ballentine Capital; Enron Investment Partners; Perseus LLC
Accelent Systems Inc. Akron, OH Internet appliance development software 10/25/01 2 $11.0 FAT Capital Management Co Ltd.Industrial Bank of Taiwan
SmartTime Software Inc. Framingham, MA Workforce management solutions 10/25/01 1 $10.0 General Atlantic Partners LLC
Sargents Ltd. Belvedere, UK Moving and storage facilities 10/25/01 1 $5.7 NatWest Development Capital Ltd.
TeamShare Colorado Springs, CO Workflow management software 10/25/01 2 $3.0 Sturm Group
Systinet Corp. Cambridge, MA Web services infrastructure software 10/25/01 1 $2.3 3TS Venture Partners AG; Windcrest Partners
TolerRX Inc. Cambridge, MA Therapies for immunological tolerance 10/24/01 3 $17.0 Healthcare Ventures LLC; Rho Ventures; Skyline Ventures; Vertex Management
Avaki Charlottesville, VA Grid operating systems 10/24/01 3 $16.0 General Catalyst Group LLC; Polaris Venture Partners; Sofinnova Ventures
Global Locate San Jose, CA GPS technologies for wireless devices and networks 10/24/01 1 $12.0 Undisclosed Venture Investor
FatWire Corp. Mineola, NY Content management and Web application solutions 10/24/01 2 $10.0 EuclidSR Partners ; Newlight Associates; TopSpin Partners; Wheatley Partners
Cogent Communications Inc. Washington, DC Internet access for commercial business 10/23/01 3 $62.0 Broadview Capital; Jerusalem Venture Partners; Oak Investment Partners
IQNavigator Denver, CO Electronic broker services for the IT industry 10/23/01 3 $20.0 Baker Capital Corp.; Hillman Company; Sequel Venture Partners
Metabasis Therapeutics Inc. San Diego, CA Biopharmaceuticals 10/23/01 2 $19.2 InterWest Partners; MPM Capital; Sprout Group
US Labs Inc. Irvine, CA Anatomic pathology laboratory 10/23/01 12 $15.0 ABS Ventures; Accel Partners; Highland Capital Partners
WildCard Systems Fort Lauderdale, FL Web-based software applications and payment systems 10/23/01 4 $14.5 Sutter Hill Ventures
KVault Software PLC Reading, UK Software and services for Internet management 10/23/01 2 $12.8 Cazenove Private Equity; Lehman Brothers; Mosaic Venture Partners
CR2 Ltd. Dublin, Ireland Internet banking software 10/23/01 2 $7.5 ACT Venture Capital Ltd.; GIMV NV; NIB Capital Private Equity NV
Exenet Technologies New York, NY Application service provider 10/23/01 3 $6.5 Adams Street Partners; CIBC Capital Partners; Telecom Partners
Privia Inc. New York, NY Enterprise-wide program management 10/23/01 1 $5.5 Benchmark Capital; Venture Strategy Partners
RSC Technology AB Stockholm, Sweden Home connectivity and Internet access 10/23/01 1 $1.7 Swedish Industrial Development Fund