Scoreboard 9-24-01

Recently Announced Venture Capital Deals

Issuer Round Close Round # Amount (M) Lead Investors
Edgeflow Inc. 9/17/01 3 $20.0 Sierra Ventures; Newbury Ventures; Primaxis Technology Ventures; RBC Capital Partners
Ottawa, Canada      
Metro optical networking elements      
Expand Beyond Corp. 9/17/01 1 $11.2 Menlo Ventures
Chicago, IL      
Wireless IT management      
InPhonic Inc. 9/12/01 6 $19.0 Core Capital Partners; First Analysis Corp.; Mid-Atlantic Venture Funds; Spring Capital Partners
Washington, DC      
E-commerce fulfillment center      
Hormos Medical Oy 9/12/01 3 $16.8 BankInvest Group; Bio Fund Management; H&B Advisors AB
Turku, Finland      
Hormonal pharmaceutical products      
La Tasca Restaurants Ltd. 9/11/01 1 $21.4 Penta Capital Partners
Bolton, UK      
Chain of Spanish tapas bars and restaurants      
Avisium 9/11/01 3 $16.5 Advent International; Apax Partners & Cie; BBS Finance; SPEF Banques Populaires
Paris, France      
B-to-b office equipment procurement Web site.      
TAO Group Ltd. 9/10/01 1 $18.0 Bowman Capital; Motorola Ventures; Sony Corp.
Reading, UK      
Specialized software for mobile phones Ltd 9/9/01 1 $13.1 Mitiska; Northbridge Ventures Ltd.; Peder Smedvig Capital; Shell Internet Ventures
London, UK      
Car sales and leasing      
Phoqus Ltd. 9/6/01 2 $19.2 3i Group; Abingworth Management; GATX Ventures; Advent Venture Partners
West Malling, UK      
Patent-protected drug delivery technology      
Sentillion Inc. 9/5/01 4 $15.6 Dresdner Kleinwort Capital; First Consulting Group Inc.; Intersouth Partners; Merrill Lynch Capital Partners.
Andover, MA      
Standards-based software for HIS industry      
Xchange Inc. 9/4/01 3 $20.5 Insight Venture Partners; THK Investment Fund I
Boston, MA      
E-CRM software      
Arcot Systems Inc. 9/4/01 4 $20.0 Accel Partners; First Union Capital Partners; Goldman, Sachs & Co.; Novell Technology Capital
Santa Clara, CA      
Security software solutions for e-commerce      
Harbour Networks 9/4/01 1 $19.0 Warburg Pincus
Beijing, China      
Switches and other equipment      
NTera Ltd 9/4/01 3 $17.8 Cross Atlantic Capital Partners; Evolution Group
Dublin, UK      
Commercialize products using nanomaterials      
AirPrime 9/1/01 2 $40.0 3Com Ventures; GE Equity; LSI Logic Corp.; Qualcomm Ventures; RBC Capital Partners
Santa Clara, CA      
Wireless CDMA data modules      
Seven 9/1/01 2 $30.0 Bowman Capital; Greylock; Ignition Corp.; SOFTBANK Corp.
Redwood City, CA      
Telecm infrastructure services      
TradeCard Inc. 9/1/01 5 $25.5 Mitsubishi Corp.; Mitsui & Co. Ltd.; SOFTBANK Capital Partners; Warburg Pincus
New York, NY      
Electronic processing systems      
Locus Discovery Inc. 9/1/01 4 $25.0 Amerindo Investment Advisors Inc.; Delphi Ventures; ING Investment; Prism Venture
Princeton, NJ      
Protein pocket calculation      
Business Layers Inc. 9/1/01 3 $25.0 Ascent Venture Partners; Formula Ventures Ltd.; Gemini Capital Fund Management Ltd
Rochelle Park, NJ      
E-provisioning software      
YottaYotta Inc. 9/1/01 3 $25.0 BA Venture Partners; Grosvenor Funds; TechnoCap; Investissement Desjardins; Optical Capital Group
Kirkland, WA      
Storage architecture      
Ai Metrix Inc. 9/1/01 2 $23.0 General Atlantic Partners; Spectrum Equity Investors
El Dorado Hills, CA      
E-business broadband management      
Spotlight Solutions Inc. 9/1/01 3 $13.0 Blue Chip Venture; Venrock Associates
Mason, OH      
Software for the retail industry      
Storactive Inc. 9/1/01 1 $11.7 Mellon Ventures; Moore Capital Management Inc.
Marina del Rey, CA      
Enterprise client systems management      
Myogen Inc. 8/28/01 5 $52.4 Adams Street Partners; CMEA Ventures; InterWest Partners; J.P. Morgan Partners; NEA
Westminster, CO      
Therapies for treatment of heart failure patients      
Kanisa Inc. 8/28/01 5 $30.0 Ernst & Young, LLP.; Meritech Capital Partners; NIF Ventures USA Inc.; Sierra Ventures; Worldview
Cupertino, CA      
E-service technology to businesses      
U-blox AG 8/28/01 2 $12.0 3i Group; Innoventure Equity Partners AG; Partners Group
Thawil, Thailand      
GPS receivers      
Financeware Inc. 8/28/01 2 $8.0 FBR Technology Venture Partners; Mellon Ventures; Northwestern Investment Management Co.
Richmond, VA      
Web-based financial planning tools      
Military Advantage 8/28/01 4 $5.5 Mayfield Fund; Primedia Ventures; Innocap Private Equity; Startup Factory
San Francisco, CA      
Information for military personnel      
FSDC PLC 8/28/01 1 $4.3 MTI Partners
Peterborough, UK      
Portal for finance professionals      
Andor Technologies Ltd. 8/28/01 1 $3.0 Crescent Capital Partners; Lloyds TSB Development Capital
Belfast, UK      
Spectroscopy devices      
Navini Networks 8/27/01 3 $51.0 Alcatel Ventures; Austin Ventures LP; Crimson Capital Co.; GATX Ventures; Granite Ventures
Richardson, TX      
Wireless data hardware and services      
AccessLan Communications Inc. 8/27/01 7 $16.0 Accel Partners; Advanced Fibre Communications; Highland Capital Partners; Ignite Group
San Jose, CA      
Internet access equipment      
Aradigm Corp. 8/27/01 7 $14.6 NEA; Schroder Ventures
Hayward, CA      
Pulmonary drug delivery systems      
FuelQuest Inc. 8/23/01 2 $13.0 Accenture Technology Ventures; Lehman Brothers
Houston, TX      
E-business solutions to petroleum marketers      
Coginigine Corp. 8/23/01 5 $8.0 Draper fisher Jurvetson; Lucent Venture Partners
Fremont, CA      
Programmable network processors      
20-20 Technologies Inc. 8/23/01 1 $7.0 Investissement Desjardins
Laval, Canada      
Interior design software      
Cerylid Biosciences Ltd. 8/23/01 2 $5.8 Coates Myer & Co.; J.B. Were & Sons
Melbournne, Canada      
Queercompany Ltd. 8/23/01 2 $5.1 Peder Smedvig Capital
London, UK      
Information portal for gays and lesbians      
Vertec Biosolvents 8/23/01 1 $3.0 Spencer Trask Ventures
Mt. Prospect, IL      
Evironmentally-friendly solvents      
PRN Corp. 8/22/01 1 $35.0 Allen & Co. Inc.; GE Equity; Shamrock Holdings Inc.
San Francisco, CA      
Retail media network      
Ark Therapeutics Ltd. 8/20/01 4 $21.0 BankInvest Group; Merlin Biosciences; Nomura International PLC; TVM Techno Venture
London, UK      
Products to treat vascular and circulatory diseases      
Salira Optical Network Systems Inc. 8/20/01 1 $17.0 SOFTBANK Venture Capital; Vertex Management; WI Harper Group
San Jose, CA      
IP/Ethernet systems      
Gravitron Inc. 8/15/01 5 $12.0 Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers; Global Crossing Ventures
La Jolla, CA      
Internet-based monitoring      
OrSense Ltd. 8/15/01 1 $8.2 Healthcare Ventures; Star-Ventures Management
Tirat Carmel, Israel      
Non-invasive glucose measurement      
Whitehill Technologies Inc. 8/15/01 1 $3.2 Lattitude Partners
Moncton, UK      
Software for updating legacy data      
Webscreen Technologies Inc. 8/15/01 1 $1.4 East River Ventures; Saffron Hill Ventures
Ascot, UK      
Anti-virus and Web security technologies      
Q-Optics Inc. 8/14/01 1 $11.0 Collabrorative Capital; Warburg Pincus
New York, NY      
Communications infrastructure      
Morphotek Inc. 8/14/01 1 $10.0 Applied Genomic Technology Capital Funds; Burrill & Co.
Philadelphia, PA      
Accelent Systems Inc. 8/14/01 2 $9.7 FAT Capital Management; Industrial Bank of Taiwan
Akron, Ohio      
Software applications