Recently Announced Venture Capital Deals

Issuer Category Round # Amount (M) Lead Investors
Auxeris Therapeutics Inc. St. Louis Develops treatments for bone diseases. The investment extends the Series A round to $4.1M. Biotech A $1.6 Domain Associates, RiverVest Venture Partners.
Deciphera Pharmaceuticals Lawrence, Kansas Deciphera founder and CEO Dan Flynn would not dislcose details on the investors. The company develops drugs to treat Alzheimer’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis and other illnesses. Biotech B $15.0 NA
Fluidigm Corp. So. San Francisco Develops technology to analyze cells and molecules. Has raised $86M to date, including $34M in late 2001 at a PMV of $88M. Biotech D $21.0 Invus LP (co-led ), EDB Investments (co-led ), Versant Ventures, InterWest Partners, Lehman Bros.
Galileo Genomics Inc. Montreal Researches disease-susceptible genes. Biotech E $9.0 Carnegie Fund II, HBM BioVentures, MVI Biofund.
Guava Technologies Inc. Hayward, Calif. The company is developing cell-based analysis systems. Scott Bonham, managing director with Granite, joins the board. Biotech D $27.0 HLM Venture Partners (led), Abingworth Management, ProQuest Investments, Skyline Ventures, St. Paul Ventures, Fog City Fund, Yasuda Enterprises, Granite Global Ventures, MDS Capital, Integra Ventures, Peninsula Equity Partners, Stanford University.
Infinity Pharmaceuticals Inc. Cambridge, Mass. Infinity focuses on clinical genomics. The strategic investment from Amgen was part of a larger collaboration agreement. Biotech D $25.0 Amgen Inc.
Inhibitex Inc. Alpharetta, Ga. Antibody producer focuses on bacterial and fungal infections. Investor info not yet available on latest round, but past backers have included Alliance Technology Ventures, Burrill & Co., CDP Capital, New Enterprise Associates, Pacific Horizon Ventures, Triad Ventures, William Blair Capital Partners. Biotech E $18.3 NA
Novacea Inc. So. San Francisco The company focuses on prostate, lung and other cancers. Novacea has raised $83M since its 2001 inception, including $36M in mid-2002 at a PMV of $63M. Biotech C $35.0 Apax Partners (led), Domain Associates, New Enterprise Associates, Versant Ventures, Sofinnova Ventures, ProQuest Investments.
PTC Therapeutics Inc. South Plainfield, N.J. The drug company is focused on RNA biology and chemistry. PTC has raised more than $91M to date. Biotech E $35.0 HBM Bioventures (co-led), CSFB Private Equity (co-led), Bay City Capital, Delphi Ventures, Hansa Special Opportunities Fund, HealthCap, Novartis BioVentures, Novo A/S, POSCO BioVentures, Vulcan Capital.
Alereon Inc. Austin, Texas Makes chips for the personal area networking market. Chips A $31.5 Austin Ventures (led), Pharos Capital, Centennial Ventures, Kinetic Ventures, eCentury Capital, Duchossois Technology Partners, PTV Sciences.
PsiloQuest Inc. Orlando, Fla. Provides specialty polishing pads for use in semiconductor manufacturing. Chips B $7.0 Ngen Partners (led), Aurora Funds, Grace Venture Partners, Greyhound Fund, DuPont, Air Products and Chemicals Inc., Cycad Group.
Sandburst Corp. Andover, Mass. The company, which develops chips for data communications and performance networks, has raised $56M since its mid-2000 inception. Chips D $19.5 Greylock (co-led), Matrix Partners (co-led), 3i US, Investor Growth Capital, Analog Devices Inc., Boston University Community Technology Fund, Intel Capital, Accton Technology Corp.
Silicon Optix Inc. San Jose, Calif. With this tranche, the fabless chipmaker has Partners (co-led), Origin Partners, Primaxis Technology Ventures, Firsthand Capital , Focus Ventures. Chips B $18.0 Canaan Partners (co-led), Polaris Venture
Redback Networks Inc. San Jose, Calif. Redback, which reorganized out of bankruptcy, provides telecom equipment Comm $30.0 Technology Crossover Ventures.
AuctionDrop San Carlos, Calif. Provides assistance for sellers of goods on eBay. The company has raised $6M to date. Consumer C $3.0 Mobius Venture Capital (led), Draper Associates.
OnTech LLC San Diego Provides self heating technology for food packaging. DFJ Frontier is an affiliate of Draper Fisher Jurvetson. Consumer A $3.0 DFJ Frontier (led).
E4X Inc. New York Provides services that enable e-merchants to sell online in multiple currencies. Finance C $14.0 Adams Street Partners (led), Venture Strategy Group, On-Line Ventures, Pitango Venture Capital, Delta Ventures.
Merchant e-Solutions Redwood City, Calif. Provides payment services to community banks and merchants. Finance C $7.0 3i US (led).
CBCA Inc. Fort Worth, Texas Provides Internet-based health care oriented software. The company has raised $90M to date. Health Care E $26.0 Trident Capital, Mobius Venture Capital, ABS Ventures.
Essent Healthcare Inc. Nashville, Tenn. Essent acquires and finances community hospitals. Health Care $80.0 Vestar Capital Partners.
GTESS Corp. Richardson, Texas Provides business outsource services for the health care industry. The company has raised more than $16M to date. Health Care D $10.0 General Catalyst Partners (co-led), Kodiak Venture Partners (co-led), Seed Capital Partners, Foundation Capital Partners.
Scintera Networks Inc. San Jose, Calif. Provides high-speed signal processing for Internet infrastructure. Scintera has raised $17.7M since 2001. Internet B $9.5 Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers (led), August Capital, Sevin Rosen Funds.
Zantaz Inc. Pleasanton , Calif. Provides electronic information management services. The company has raised $85M since its 1998 inception, including $36M in 2000 at a PMV of $275M and then subsequently $8.4M in a down-round in 2002 at a PMV of $24.4M. Internet F $20.0 General Atlantic Partners (led), Red Rock Ventures, Geneva Venture Partners, ComVentures, Novus Ventures, Athena Venture Fund.
Accelerated Technologies New York Develops medical devices for cardiovascular treatments. New investors ABN and Giza now share equal ownership with founding investor Oxford Bioscience. Med Tech D $32.0 ABN Amro Capital, Giza Venture Capital, Oxford Bioscience Partners.
Spiration Inc. Seattle The company, which makes devices to treat lung diseases, has raised $60M to date, including a $22M Series D in June 2002 at a PMV of $52M. Med Tech E $27.0 InterWest Partners (co-led), Investor Growth Capital (co-led), Three Arch Partners, New Enterprise Associates, Versant Ventures, Sprout Group, Guidant Corp.
U-Systems Inc. San Jose, Calif. Develops ultrasound systems to detect breast cancer. Company has raised $41M to date, including $6M in 2000 at a PMV of $29M. Med Tech D $26.0 Sycamore Venture Partners (led), Siemens Venture Capital, MDS Health Ventures, Harbinger Venture Management.
Ingrian Networks Inc. Redwood City, Calif. Develops secure content networking platforms. Ingrian has raised $40M to date, including $22M in November 2001 at a PMV of $40M. Security C $14.0 Prism Venture Partners (led), Globespan Capital Partners, HighBAR Ventures, Partech International.
MarkMonitor Boise, Idaho Provides trademark and patent protection software and services. MarkMonitor has raised $35M to date, including $7M in 2002. Security C $22.0 Institutional Venture Partners (led), Foundation Capital, Focus Ventures.
VistaScape Security Systems Atlanta Provides video surveillance software Paladin’s H. Lee Buchannan, former deputy director of DARPA, joins the board. Security $10.5 Paladin Capital Group (led), H.I.G. Ventures, CDP Capital, Visionaria Venture Capital.
ArrayNetworks Inc. Campbell, Calif. Provides Web traffic management software. The company has raised over $49M since its 2000 inception, including $31.1M in late 2000 at a PMV of $100M. Software A $7.5 H&Q Asia Pacific.
Hillcrest Communications Inc. Rockville, Md. Provides software to improve the TV viewing experience. NEA led the deal with a $4M investment. Software B $10.0 New Enterprise Associates (led), Columbia Capital, Grotech Capital Group.
Kubi Software Inc. Lincoln, Mass. Develops email software. Kubi has raised $15M since its 2000 inception. Software C $8.0 North Bridge Venture Partners (led), Lazard Technology Partners, VIMAC Ventures.
MetaCarta Inc. Cambridge, Mass Develops geographic information software. Software B $6.5 Sevin Rosen Funds, Solstice Capital, Chevron Technology Ventures, Chisholm Private Capital Partners.
MindMatters Technologies Inc. Canonsburg, Penn. The enterprise software maker would not disclose details on the funding. The company has previously raised about $5M since its 2000 inception. Software NA $0.0 Mid-Atlantic Venture Funds (led), Future Fund Inc.
NetByTel Inc. Boca Raton, Fla. Provides voice commerce software. The company has now received $36M to date. Software D $8.0 Lazard Capital Partners (co-led), Noro Moseley Capital (co-led), Chelsea Capital Partners, affiliates of Mesco Ltd.
Riverbed Technology San Francisco Develops wide area network performance software. The company has raised $16.6M to date. Software B $10.0 UV Partners (led), Accel Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners.
StorePerform Technologies Inc. Denver Provides store performance management software. Former KBkids CEO Srikant Vasan founded StorePerform. Tim Connors, general partner of U.S. Venture Partners, joins the board. Software A $10.0 U.S. Venture Partners (led).
Tharas Systems Inc. Santa Clara, Calif. Provides electronic design automation software. Andre Turenne, managing director of NeoCarta, joins the board. Software D $4.0 NeoCarta Ventures (led), Synopsys.
Ucentric Systems Maynard, Mass. Develops home networking software. Polaris has been the company’s primary backer since its inception in 1998. Software D $4.0 Polaris Venture Partners.
Intransa Inc. San Jose, Calif. Provides information storage over IP solutions. The company has raised $49M to date, including $7M early last year at a PMV of $59M. Storage C $8.0 Advanced Technology Ventures, Sofinnova Ventures, Sofinnova Partners, U.S. Venture Partners, unnamed pension plan.
Roving Planet Inc. Boulder, Colo. Develops proximity-based wireless technology for the travel industry. Trans. B $9.5 Appian Ventures (co-led), Draper Fisher Jurvetson (co-led), Wolf Ventures, Cardinal Ventures.
SkyBitz Dulles, Va. Provides satellite-based tracking services for the transportation industry. Trans. C $16.0 Inverness Capital Partners (co-led), Motorola Ventures (co-led), AIG Highstar Capital, Cordova Ventures.