Recently Announced Venture Capital Deals


Category Round Amount
Lead Investors Corvigo Inc.
Mountain View, Calif.
One of five anti-spam software makers funded in past six weeks Anti – Spam A $5.5 Sequoia Capital. Postini Inc
Redwood City, Calif.
Anti-spam software maker. Raised to date: $26M. Anti – Spam D $10.0 Bessemer Venture Partners, August Capital, Mobius Venture Capital, Sun, Summit Accelerator, AltoTech Ventures, Pacifica Fund. Leopard Logic Inc.
Cupertino, Calif.
Fabless chipmaker developing reconfigurable logic devices.
Founded in 2000. Raised to date: $11.7M.
Chips B $8.5 Acer Technology Venturs, Acorn Campus, Hook Partners.

Avista Labs
Spokane, Wash
Makes fuel cells. Second partof A round.  Raised $7.5M inJuly from ChrysalixEnergy LP,. Wall StreetTechnology Partners, BuerkCraig Victor.

Energy A $5.0 Enterprise Partners. iSoft Corp.
Dallas, TX
Makes business-to-business software. Internet A $3.8 Tobat Capital Prelick Corp.
Atlantic Highlands, N.J.
Operates Web service for “lifetime photo management” Did not disclose amount of round. Internet A $0.0 Logos Ventures, angels. Switch & Data
Tampa, Fla
Provides Internet exchange and colocation. Internet N/A $5.0 Tudor Vendors

AmpliMed Corp.
Tuscon, Ariz
Twelve-year-old pharmacompany develops cancerdrugs. Spun out of Universityof Arizona.

Life Sciences A $5.0 Valley Ventures III (lead) Biotech Insight Management, Invest Bio, Solstice Capital. CryoVascular Systems
Los Gatos, Calif.
Part of licensing agreement for CryoVascular’s angioplasty freezing technology. Boston Scientific has option to buy company in future. Life Sciences F $10.0 Boston Scientific Corp. Reata Discovery
Dallas, TX
Makes small-molecule drugs for cancer, other diseases. Licensed patents from University of Texas Southwestern Med. Ctr. Co. launched last week. Life Sciences A $5.2 Ojai Goliad (lead), STARTech Early Ventures. Targeted Molecules Corp.
San Diego, Calif.
Develops drugs using patented “in vivo” discovery technique. Life Sciences C $4.0 Neuro Discovery LP, Inglewood Ventures GeneChem Therapeutic Ventures, Linkagene Trian Equities Ltd. Seattle Systems Inc.
Poulsbo, Wash.
Makes orthopedic products. Deal is part of restructuring MedTech N/A $3.0 Stonington Partners. Triage Medical Inc.
Irvine, Calif.
Makes products to fix bone fractures. Founded in April 2000 MedTech B $10.0 Rock Creek Capital, HBM Bioventures, Frantz Medical Ventures, MedFocus Fund. CoVi Technologies
Austin, Texas
Videoconference company
Polycom is a partner.
NetComm A $16.0 Oak Investment Partners, TPG Ventures, Walden International. Lumeta Corp.
Somerset, N.J.
Lumeta’s customers include government agencies, and in the financial and pharmaceutical sectors.ÊÊ NetComm N/A $3.5 Draper Fisher Jurvetson, meVC, New Venture Partners, Wachovia.

Confluent Photonics Corp.
Salem, N,.H.
All three investors participatedin company’s $11M Series A in December 2000.

NetComm B $3.0 InnoCal Venture Capital, Rustic Canyon, Invesco Private Capital. OATSystems Inc.
Watertown, Mass.
Makes software to create radio frequency ID networks. RF ID A $11.5 Greylock, Matrix Partners. RFco Inc.
Los Gatos, Calif.
Fabless chipmaker with new wireless architecture. Bob Ackerman of Allegis, Wes Raffel of ATV and Greg Galanos of Mobius joined the board. RF ID A $16.5 Allegis Capital, Advanced Technology, Ventures, Mobius Venture Capital (co-leaders). Technology Associates Mgmt. TrenStar Inc.
Denver, Colo.
Combines RF ID technology with logistics soft ware to manage “mobile-assets” (AKA beer kegs) RF ID A $34.0 Carlyle Venture Partners, Trencor Ltd. iS3 Inc.
Cupertino, Calif.
iS3 has raised $11M to date. Security B $9.1 Menlo Ventures, BV Capital, Asset Mgmt. IntelliVid Corp.
Cambridge, Mass.
Makes video analysis software for commercial security companies. Spawned in ’02 by Flagship. Security A $5.5 Flagship Ventures, DFJ New England, Egan-Managed Capital. Abridean Inc.
Abridean offers user management software. Conrad Lewis joins Abridean’s board as chairman. Software B $4.0 Newbury Ventures. Atreus Systems Corp.
Ottawa, Ontario
Software to manage IP networks. Software N/A $13.0 Meritage Private Equity Funds, SAIC, TELUS, Aliant Inc., BDC Venture Capital, Blueprint Ventures, Mobius, Skypoint Capital. Cymfony Secures
Newton, Mass
Makes business intelligence software. Software C $7.4 Trident Capital, Hearst Corp., Comvest Venture Partners. Escend Software
San Mateo, Calif.
Novus led round. Escend provides demand chain management software. Company founded in 1999. Software D $7.0 Novus Ventures, NIF Ventures. Conforma Therapeutics
San Diego, Calif.
Small-molecule cancer drugs. Software C $30.0 S.R. One Ltd (lead), Lilly BioVentures, RBC Capital, Novo, RiverVest, Domain Assoc., Inglewood, Forward, ProQuest. Nuasis Corp.
San Jose, Calif.
Chairperson Carol Snell, co-founded
Aspect Communications. Investment was follow-on, bringing B round to $40M.
Software B $17.0 Brentwood Ventue Capital. OpTier Inc.
New York
Makes performance management software.
Has R&D in Ramat-Gan, Israel.
Software A $8.6 Carmel Ventures, Pitango Venture Capital. TimeSpring Software
Montreal, Quebec
Data protection. Founded in
Software A $6.0 Desjardins Venture Capital, Business Development Bank of Canada. Troux Technologies Inc.
Austin, Texas
Makes application relationship
mgmt. software. Has raised $18.5M.
since founded in April.
Software B $10.0 Greylock, Austin Ventures, Pinnade Ventures. Unicorn Solutions Ltd.
New York
Makes enterprise information management software. Raised Series A of $8.8M in 2002. Software B $6.0 Banc of America Equity Partners, Jerusalem Venture Partners (co-leaders), Apropos,