Sponsored Profile: Gilde Investment Management

Gilde Investment Management B.V. (“Gilde”), which has been active since 1982, is organised to manage a variety of investment funds with different objectives and missions.

Since 1996 Gilde is an independent, 100 percent subsidiary of Rabobank Group. This relationship has fostered an organisation well positioned to manage several additional investment funds, each with a proprietary investment mission and objective. As of year-end 1999, the organisation consisted of:

GILDE, the management company, structured to operate independently and at arm’s length from Rabobank Group.

GILDE BUY-OUT FUND B.V., a 400 million fund, targeting buyouts and buy-ins of larger companies within Europe.

GILDE IT FUND B.V., a 100 million fund, focusing on fast growing companies in the information technology, communication and Internet industry worldwide.

As this fund has been fully invested during 1999, a new fund, GILDE IT FUND II, was launched in December 1999 and has a targeted capital of 250 million.

GLOBAL FOOD & AGRIBUSINESS FUND B.V. with a targeted capitalisation of 1,200 million, is designed as an umbrella fund for, eventually, six regional investment funds in Asia, Australia, North America, Latin America, South Africa and Europe. These funds will each focus on investment opportunities in the food and agribusiness sector and will closely work together.

October 1999 saw the launch of the Gilde Europe Food & Agribusiness Fund. In addition to this fund, there are currently two other funds operating under this umbrella, the North American Nutrition and Agribusiness Fund and The Food & Agribusiness Investment Fund, operating in Australia and New Zealand.

GILDE PARTICIPATIES B.V., a 150 million, dedicated to the medium sized private equity market of the Netherlands. The fund focuses on buyouts, buy-ins and future growth opportunities.

GILDE STRATEGIC SITUATIONS B.V., a 150 million fund, targeting investments in venture capital funds outside the Netherlands to establish a strategic relationship between these funds and the other Gilde funds.

The funds are all managed by dedicated investment teams. Currently 46 people are employed by Gilde.

Investors in above funds are highly reputable financial institutions, like Rabobank Group, AXA

France, Interpolis, PVF, Novartis, The Pritzker Family, Microsoft, Banco Sabadell, Fibanc, Lagun Aro and several others.

Objectives and Strategy Gilde’s goal is to create, develop and build businesses, aiming to realise an overall cash return to its investors of at least 20 percent compounded annually.

In Gilde’s view, the best way to realise such returns is to operate through specialised investment funds with focused investment strategies, managed by dedicated investment teams. This structure assures that investment opportunities are always analysed efficiently by investment professionals who are experts in their respective fields.

To support the international investment activities of its funds, Gilde continues to build strong alliances with first class venture capital companies in other countries. It is the experience of Gilde that close co-operation with such venture capital companies is of crucial importance for the success of its foreign investments. Since 1982, Gilde has invested in approximately 180 companies