Tarlach moves to London

Stephan Tarlach will move to London in July to take control of Durlacher bmp Life Science, the recently incorporated joint venture between the German venture capital firm, bmp, and Durlacher, the technology-focused investment bank.

Currently Tarlach is spending three days a week in London in the offices of Durlacher, where the Durlacher bmp Life Science group is based. It is thought that when Tarlach builds his team it is likely to be with the help of Durlacher, rather than bmp staff.

bmp and Durlacher announced towards the end of last year see Oct issue p10 that they had entered into a wider strategic alliance based on their shared research driven approach to investment. Durlacher bmp Life Science is the first manifestation of this strategic alliance. Durlacher Bmp Life Science, with A10 million in support from both bmp and Durlacher, will concentrate on investing in the UK life sciences sector.

Tarlach is a senior investment manager with bmp.