The End of Writing?

Tim Draper delivered the opening keynote at todays Wharton Private Equity Conference, and spent a lot of time discussing the transformative power of new technology. One comment that stood out was about writing, and theidea that itcould become antiquated within just another generation or two.

What would replace it? Video.

Draper argued that the act/art of writing became pervasive because it was the most convenient and commonly-accessible way for people to communicate ideas without having physical contact (both 1-to-1 and 1-to-Many). But today, he believes, video is beginning to become more convenient among younger people. Once it also can become morecommonly accessible (i.e., affordable, mobile, etc.), it could become the communication medium of choice.

As an example, Draper mentioned that his son recently was asked to write 1,000 words or less on why he should be accepted into a certain film school. But Drapers son didnt write a thing: He just pasted in a picture. Exactly 1,000 words.